Diabetics and Soylent - please post your experiences

There has been much said in various historic postings about sugar rushes and carbohydrates so I apologise if I am covering old ground. With the evolution of soylent from version 1 to version 1.4 and the many new people coming to the forum, can I suggest that it is time to revisit this topic?

I’m a diabetic and test my blood several times a day. In the UK, we use mmol for the reading scale and around 5mmol would be a target score for me. I’ve tasted four brands of soylent, all coming from Europe and all but one had my blood sugar coming off the scale and I believe this is due to the maltodextrin and high carbohydrate content of the products. Only one, Jake shake, kept my blood sugar pretty much normal and that product has only 120 grams of carbohydrate a day out of 1,500 calories.

Can I ask other diabetics to post their experiences of soylent and how the product affects their sugar levels?

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I think it is an okay time to revisit the topic indeed. I don’t recall any elaborate blood tests on 1.4 in terms of blood sugar… except from one person I recall saying that his/her blood sugar spiked on 1.4, I couldn’t find the post with a quick search… but perhaps someone else can… 1.4 is suppose to be much better in terms of all this.

@Conor have you guys done any official blood testing with numbers you can share for 1.4?

I’m interested in this as well…I’m type two…trying to drop a few pounds. I just started using the product yesterday, so we will see what happens. I can’t make any claims after only one day.

Any bloodtest results you can share would be awesome

I’m not diabetic but for anyone curious, here is my bloodwork from before and after Soylent:

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That jump in HDL is impressive.

is there a date between those two blood works? :slight_smile:
(and follow up to me asking for blood tests, I meant blood sugar mainly after at time intervals after eating Soylent 1.4)

The first set was in November 2014. The second set: March 2015. I had only been on Soylent for about a month at that point.

In the US the primary indicator of Blood Sugar average is the A1C test. Mine had been as high as 10.3 in the past and if you know what that means you know how bad it was. I began using Soylent for > 80-90% of my meals in August 2014. Prior to that my A1C was around 6.5 - 6.9 which is nearly good for someone with Type II Diabetes.

The last two readings since then (approx 3 mo apart) both were at a consitent 5.9. They informed me that 5.5 would be a normal reading for someone without Diabetes so I can say that through Soylent versions 1.0 - 1.3 my blood sugars have actually stabilized to the point where my Dr. has cut my Glyburide dosage in half.

I think, for me, that the main benefit has been the stabilization of my diet. Prior to Soylent, I really couldn’t be bothered with worrying too much about what my diet consisted of. I work full time and until last December I was also a Graduate student. This is the main benefit for me from a Diabetic standpoint, actually following a sane, balanced meal plan.

Soylent may not be the best diet for Diabetics compared to a hypothetical perfect diet, but it is a damn sight better than the alternative that results from reality and time constraints, and it isn’t too expensive either, in comparison!


I’m Type 1 and haven’t had great control since I was a teenager. I’ve been using Soylent for breakfast and lunch for several months now, and 90% of the time the spikes are well controlled (IMO) and come back within range in 2-3 hours for me. Dinner, drinking, and weekends have consistantly kept my A1C high though :speak_no_evil:

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May 15, 2015 Update

I started on August 30th 2014 with version 1.0. I was at 327 lbs, diabetic type II, AIC 10.1, BP 170/110, Triglycerides 353, my blood sugar was swinging between 200 and 600. I was on Levemir inject able insulin 120units a day and averaging 30-50units a day of Humalog inject able insulin. I have been on insulin for 5 years. And believe it of not I was eating chicken, salads, vegetables, fruits and meat in copious amounts while watching my carbs.

I felt that a strict regimen of something was needed. I had tried Weight Watchers and NutruSystems (twice). They help but not enough.

When a read about the Soylent crowd sourced startup I joined in July of 2013. My first week appeared as Soylent 1.0 in August 2014. My official start date was 8-30-14 with a bag a day. I have tracked each day for carbs, calories, blood sugars and weight.

I have used all types of shake style flavorings and syrups for my Soylent drinks with few fails. My absolutely hands down favorite is Walden Farms Carmel Syrup, zero calories and zero carbs. The best price I have found is from Vitacost.com which has it occasionally on sale for $3.22 with free shipping over $49. I also use a beverage thickener to make it more shake like. The best price I found so far is $3.40 8oz can (20 days) from blowoutmedical.com. In the beginning I also mixed fruits like berries or bananas into the Soylent mix, but to cut calories I stopped adding fruit. Since the original Soylent was low in sodium I started using V8 vegetable juice, alternating Soylent and V8 every 2 hours 9-9. I would use I bag of Soylent and 3 cans of V8 each day. I eventually cut back on the Soylent to reduce caloric intake and didn’t use the oil additive. Now with version 1.4 I have cut back to just under a half a bag a day and 4 cans of V8. And since the beginning, this has been extent of my meals. I now average 1,100 calories a day as I am still trying to lose weight to reach my goal of a BMI of 24.9.

My food cravings are no different now than they were before Soylent. I have in the past and always will miss eating food, even when I was eating food. I drink lots of tea (no cream), black coffee and sugar free drink mix (like Crystal Light). If I miss a “meal” there are no hunger pains since at worst case I will go 4 hours without a meal, even so I wish Soylent came in a take-a-way can like Slim-Fast for those occasions.

As of today I weight 219lbs. I am completely off of both insulin’s. My morning blood sugars average 90, with a daily average of 120 from August 2014 till now.

My A1C is an awesome 5.3 (normal is <7) and my triglycerides are now 130 (normal is <150). My BP average is 123/73 (normal is 12/80).

I am absolutely sold on Soylent.
Soylent is FOR people.

Grampa Dick (65)


Any diabetics try the more recent versions of Soylent? Has anyone tried Soylent 2.0 with added psyllium husk and monitored for blood spikes? I’m told the psyllium husk is supposed to reduce blood spikes.

I have had diabetes 2 since 2000 and my A1C is in the normal range. I’m consuming Soylent 2.0 for about 60-100% of my diet. I haven’t been testing myself for spikes.

Glad to hear your A1C is in the normal range.