Diagnosing deficiencies

I’m curious to see if anyone has compiled some sort of guide for diagnosing deficiencies. I’d like to have/find a spreadsheet, or a flowchart that can be followed to find out what I’m missing and what the symptoms are and save the hours of research.

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A book to help keep you in the know and pinpoint deficiencies Prescription for Nutritional healing

You can look for symptoms and find components you need (minerals, vitamins, etc) or it will give you real food to solve the problem. Sometimes even plants.

Try this

That might be useful.

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I went to WebMD. But now I’m not sure if I have cancer, trench foot or the flu.


here is mine, I keep it as a backup just in case:

you will find it in the 3rd sheet named ‘symptoms’

I know it’s not very readable and has no citations, but I have cross checked everything from at least 3 different, reputable sources, I just didn’t save them… :stuck_out_tongue:
use ctrl+f, search for a particular symptom, repeat that a few times and eventually you will single out the most probable case.

also I’m using my own acronyms, here’s what they mean: ‘over acute’ is for cases of overdosing and fast appearing symptoms. '‘Dot" is ‘Damage Over Time’ or slowly appearing symptoms (sorry too many MMO’s). "under’" is for underdosing. :slight_smile:


More dots. More dots!


The dropbox link isn’t working anymore. Would love to receive a copy if you’re up for sharing again. Or, if you know another similar resource?


@sogviper : it will be great if you can reshare your dropbox link (the original one no longer works)