Diarrhea with Soylent 1.4?


Anyone else getting this?

I decided to try Soylent, I only have 1 week of supply. I have a known Acid Reflux issue, it seems that Soylent is perhaps making my stomach very acidic?

I was wondering if anyone is experiencing this in 1.4, that and flatulence.


So far I’ve had less “diarrhea” with v1.4. I didn’t have any before but going from my DIY to v1.4 (the first I’ve been able to go 100% on) I’ve noticed that my poo is a little more solid. Not much, just a little.


Suddenly increases in fiber will cause diarrhea and gas.


Do you think it’s safe to have Soylent for lunch, but something else for Dinner?


What about that would be unsafe? Or do you just mean will you have diarrhea?

It’s certainly safe, lots of people do just that.


Soylent is just food. It wouldn’t be any more dangerous than having a sandwich for lunch and a steak for dinner.


@IAmHaunter, I recommend adding some psyllium husk fiber to your diet. Do a search on the forum and you’ll find numerous threads about it. It will help “solidify” things for you.

And yes, I have some extra gas from 1.4 compared to my normal diet (It’s actually quite stinky today) but less than all the other versions of Soylent. I’d like to see them swap the potassium source back to the one they used on 1.3. :smile:


Can confirm. Had this problem with 1.0 and 1.1. About 4g of psyllium husk gave me a healthy firmness and eventually I didn’t need the psyllium husk after a week or two.


Noted! I’ll order some!


Make sure you get the powdered version. I tried a diy with the whole husk and it was really off putting for me. It was like drinking thin tapioca pudding.


Have been on 1.4 for little over a week regularly now. While most of the time my stool is soft today was a different story. Had Soylent for breakfast & lunch. I woke up with a migraine so I took two Excedrin Migraine shortly after finishing my drink. Three hours later I took two more with ibuprofen in hopes of finally kicking the pain. Drank my second serving early afternoon. By evening, I had full on diarrhea. I’m guessing the meds affected the digestion of the Soylent.


psyllium husk, what they said. my first 3 days on soylent i noticed, painfully, that i had a lot of stomach acid going haywire. upon reading this site’s recommendations I got some psyllium husk in the form of non-flavored metamucil. i put in a teaspoon into my soylent when mixing it. never had the issue again…


Diarrhea aside, my poo stinks to HIGH HEAVEN since I’ve been on Soylent. It smells like baby poo. I don’t know if this is good or bad Anyone else having the same issue?


The first couple of days on almost exclusively Soylent 1.4 I had some stomach issues with feeling tightness, nausea, and feeling like I might have diarrhea. It never happened though. The flatulence issues only lasted a couple of days. I also have pretty bad acid reflux (I’m prescribed 40mg of omeprazole and that still doesn’t help to completely manage it). If anything, Soylent has made everything much easier for me. I only seem to get diarrhea now when I eat something that’s bad for me that isn’t Soylent (funnel cake, lucky charms, burrito, lemonade). I’m hoping on Soylent I can actually start to gradually reduce my intake of omeprazole so I won’t need it anymore.


This is happening with me and my boyfriend as well since we’ve been on Soylent 1.4 (new users). It is awful. I wish I knew why Soylent was doing this, but since Soylent isn’t causing any apparent issues for either of us and is really improving my health, I can only assume it’s harmless. I’m planning on asking my GI about it next time I go. This might be a good idea for a thread. This actually makes it sound like it’s not a good sign though (potential nutrient malabsoption, vitamin overdose, carbohydrate intolerance): http://www.healthline.com/symptom/foul-smelling-stool


what was your diet like before soylent? i was coming off a fairly healthy diet of vegetables and some meat, no processed foods or added sugar. i didn’t have any stomach trouble and I wonder if it wasn’t because I had already transitioned into a “healthier” diet for some time.


It was mostly healthy aside from my cheetos and cake problem. I would green smoothies, fish, chicken, veggies, little dairy, mostly gluten-free, etc. Over the last two months though my diet has been awful. I was tested for celiac and needed to eat gluten stuff, so I binged on things like croissants. No celiac was found, luckily, but my diet didn’t really straighten out much after until I moved onto the Soylent. Now, I can resist snacks, don’t feel the need to pig out, don’t have cravings for cheetos and cake. In the evening, I eat something veggie heavy, but the last week I’ve been eating things like a burrito or some ramen. I’m hoping it’s just that.


Yep, 1.4 (and every other version) gave me stinky poops and gas.