Did 2.0 taste permanently/deliberately change over the past six months?

I’ve got a bit of a backlog going again now, so I’m a bit delayed from what gets shipped to me… but I was completely out of Soylent around March.

About a week ago, this latest box, tastes very different to me. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to describe it either - it’s clearly got a very strong hazelnut taste.

My question: Did I get a mistake batch, where someone accidentally put some hazelnut flavor into it? Or is this a new permanent change?

I thought we were past all of these changes that we had to worry about. Hoping this is a mistake and I just have to get through some of the cases that I have.

It’s not intolerable… but it’s an unexpected/unwanted taste. I like the taste of 2.0. This isn’t that.

Searched for hazelnut but didn’t see threads specifically asking about this.

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Bottle I just drank has this on the bottle:


You got the “Optimized” flavor. I posted almost exactly the same message a week or so ago. The optimized to me tastes like maple syrup is mixed in, and it’s super sweet.

I didn’t care for it. At first, I assumed it was rancid; once I learned it was meant to taste that way, it became a little more bearable, but the overpowering sweetness still made me queasy by the time I finished a bottle.

You should email customer support. I did and got a nice message back. Hopefully if enough people complain they’ll reformulate with less sweetness. I really did like original flavor Soylent, and would like to return to it.


I hate it it’s nauseating and has completely ruined Soylent for me

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This is the problem with changing the formula of a product with such a long shelf life. You get no feedback for half a year or so. I hope that people who agree also give this feedback to Soylent, so they can realize the mistake they’ve made and make another formula adjustment back to something that people enjoyed.

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@soylent_team I’d like to believe people from Soylent corporate are paying attention to what gets posted in here, especially on subjects like this. I haven’t gotten the optimized yet but I am very very nervously awaiting the day that it begins to arrive. Been consuming Soylent since the crowd fund and it’s an absolute staple, I never ever consume fewer than 2 bottles in a day and sometimes as many as 5. Please don’t ruin my primary and preferred food source.


Customer support sadly told me yeah they made a formula change and can’t make the old stuff.

I know I’m repeating myself because I’ve said this like five times, but it feels like the people making this decision didn’t live through the whole New Coke fiasco, which is widely regarded as the worst marketing decision ever. Sorry, taking away a product that you happily already buy from us in droves.

I’ll probably lower myself back to 1 box a month (from the 7 that I’m at now) just to keep on their grandfathered payment price, just in case they actually listen to their customers and change it back.

It’s such a strong hazelnut taste. That’s pretty unfortunate if you’re one of the many many people that dislikes the flavor. :frowning:

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I think their biggest mistake wasn’t changing the flavor, but changing it without any indication to the customer. The flavors are completely different, how could you like one when you expect the other? When I first drank Optimized, I was convinced it was rancid and spat it out. If I’d been told instead “Original flavor is going away, our most neutral flavor is now the new Soylent Maple-Hazelnut”, I would have been more ready to try it. I still wouldn’t have liked it, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as strong a negative reaction.

Related but mostly off topic: I’ve been liking some of the Jimmy Joy products. The meal bars are bland but filling and cheap. The vanilla premixed drink is on the sweet side but much better than Soylent’s optimized original. So I can make it through this, when Soylent ever changes again I’ll give them another try.


For me it’s not just the lack of notification it’s that the new flavour is awful

I mean awful, awful, awful.

And the worst thing is that there is now nothing that comes close to replacing the previous neutral flavour and when I’ve talked with them by email @soylent_team made it clear that they have no intention of ever offering anything like what original once was.

I can not begin to express my disgust and disappointment and this is a product which I now miss having more than several times a week