Did anyone find a good (bulk) MCT source?


It seems like there are only quite expensive sources incorporated in all the recipes I have seen so far or, because of that, no MCT incorporated at all.
If we could buy it say 10kg-packs from a manufacturer or an industry bulk shop for a more reasonable price and then split it in a group, that would be really neat.
Or did anyone find a good price for single-person-amounts yet?


I’m reviving this topic.

I’m looking for MCT sources. I’ve considered coconut oil, but I can’t find anything cheaper than ~€17 per kilo. I’ve also found pure MCT oil for €10 per 470 gram. Since coconut oil is only 50% MCT, and I don’t need coconut oil for anything else, it’s better to take the pure MCT oil.

Did anyone find anything better than that?


Is this type of oil supposed to be better then olive or hemp oil?


It’s better metabolized for energy than other oils.
It’s a chemical structure of a certain type of oil (Medium-chain triglycerides).
Olive oil contains no MCTs I’m not sure about hemp oil.


It seems, in the official soylent is no mct anymore. Does anybody know, why?



Best UK price I found for coconut oil is £5.20/L at Amazon. It is a pack of six bottles of 250mL. That makes it 1.5L for £7.80.


I wonder how you’re going to get the oil out though, considering it will be solid.

No clue. Tell me if you find out.


Hi guys,

I’m using MCT Oil as MCT source, it’s pretty cheap and 100% MCT:



It melts at about 32 degrees IIRC so is very easy to remove with a water bath. I just pour the whole bottle out into a mug and let it set there. Then you can cut bits off as you require once it sets.


To add a small note to this: though coconut oil is better value for MCTs than straight MCT oil, there’s an even cheaper way to get the MCTs, with a small compromise.

Other coconut products, i.e. milk and flesh (not water!) are cheaper than the oil, per gram of fat. Coconut flesh/milk with 100g fat in costs around £0.43 by my sources, but 100g of coconut oil would cost £0.53. You have the advantage of free protein, fibre, and micronutrients in there too. Obviously also flavour.

Something to think about! I’m using coconut milk/flesh as the basis of my recipe now (providing approximately half the calories) and it has signicantly lowered the total daily cost: now about £3.30 per day.


Where did you see that?


Does it taste very coconutty now? Because I don’t much care for that :smile:


It tastes pretty neutral due to the large amount of water I have to add to make it drinkable. The closest comparison is raw cookie dough: that same sort of bland sweetness. I expect the coconut is contributing in a noticeable way, but not in a way that makes me think ‘that tastes of coconut’, at all.


Oh that’s good! See, I used coconut flour as a fiber source before, and that made it taste a lot like coconut. Got tired of it after the first day :smile:

I still have a whole bunch of bottles of coconut oil, but I’ll keep your suggestion in mind when I run out!


Well it’s probably worth a try, but if you’re sensitive to coconut flavours then YMMV.


I may have found a really great source. This company sells MCT buy gallon for $0.65 per 100g.


Very nice! Do they ship to Europe though? Edit: Nope, just US and Canada :frowning:

Edit: What does the 60/40 mean?


I think it is the fatty acid percentages. 60% caprylic, 40% capric. Too bad about the lack of international shipping, I hadn’t bothered to look. For those in the US like myself, they sell a variety of oils, including organic and virgin, in bulk at low prices. I am going to use them for all my oils.