Did I accidentally cancel my order?


So I ordered the $70 option and noticed that it automatically entered me into a subscription service, which I don’t need, given I haven’t even tried Soylent yet.
So I cancelled it. And I noticed that while the order says “cancelled”, it still billed me $70 which went through. Then I noticed a little button at the bottom that says “one time purchase” which is $85 for some reason.
My question is, did I cancel the entire order or did I simply cancel the recurring subscription? Will the Soylent I paid for be delivered or am I going to have to submit a refund?


You should write customer service about this immediately. I bet you will get your $70 back and might even get some free Soylent, but you will have to contact them to be sure. They will probably respond within a few days or sooner. I found their email easy to find, but I don’t remember it at the moment.


The website can be a little bit confusing-a couple extra taps/clicks are necessary to get the one-time instead of subscription.
Anyways, at the bottom of their main website, they have an email on the about page and a form on the contact page, depending on your preferred method.


Yes, the subscription rate is $70 and the one-time rate is $85. There are different buttons for each.

However, you can cancel anytime, so really I don’t know why anyone doesn’t do the subscription rate. Anyone could theoretically order and then cancel.