Did I break the rules?

My account seems to have been deleted and banned. My IP address and email both were banned. All of my posts and topics are gone. Is this some kind of a malfunction or am I being run out of town?

Kind of upsetting. I don’t know who to contact about this.

That seems really strange. I’ll talk to some of the mods and see what happened. I have yet to ban anyone since taking this role. Could you PM me your previous details?

Hmm, looks like your topic on “nootropics” was flagged by another user as spam and it looked like spam to me from a new user, so I pushed the “delete as spammer” button – which removes all your posts and bans your IP and email address.

There were a number of spammy nootropics topics flagged:

Since this is my mistake, I’ll look into fixing it… this may take a week though.

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Question: about how many topics / posts did you have @Groulund92 ? It says here your account was created 2015-07-12 which is 2 days ago so there could not have been many?

We explicitly exclude user pages from indexing via robots.txt so I can’t easily look up an archived version of your user profile page.

I removed the block on the IP and email for now.

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I’m not entirely sure how many posts, only two topics though. The nootropics topic I posted was just to avoid doing alot of googling myself so I won’t miss it considering the spam problem.

The other topic I created though, the first one, will be missed. It was about my diy recipe.

Thank you for being so prompt.

This one?


Roughly how many replies did the topic have, since it had to be created in the last 2 days as that is as old as your account is…

Aw, that was a good thread, maybe 10 posts or so.

Yes that’s the one, and the topic was only two days old or so yes. I created my discourse account specifically to post that thread.

Thanks again for taking the time.

It’s this topic (only visible to moderators), but it may take me a day or two to work out the best way to get this back



It was an excellent thread and I’ll be glad to see it again.

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Same. I hope when it’s resurrected it’s still flagged to track for me.

OK after much hard work by @riking on “make change owner work even if the post is deleted, and the user is deleted” we finally have this back:

:sparkles: hooray! :sparkles:

Apologies for the error, may your Soylent always be plentiful and delicious.


Thanks @codinghorror! You rock!