Did I buy genuine Soylent?

Two days ago I ordered a 3 meal pack of powdered Soylent on Amazon to try it out. Tonight I read that “any products labeled Soylent but sold outside of soylent.com are unauthorized imitations.” Now I’m pretty sure this is just a guy on Amazon reselling individual packages that he bought in bulk, but is it likely that I bought an imitation, or the real thing?

You bought the real product, from a reseller.


It would be hard to fake the package. I agree, it’s probably a seller getting rid of excess.

You got bootleg Soylent, it probably has bad English subtitles and questionable video quality.


Did you make sure it was version 1.5? At worst, you wont try Soylent as it is now and would give you a wrong idea of what it is now.

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Good point. I didn’t check on that, but I figured I’d be content to try any version. I’m aware there are differences, but I figured this would give me a good idea to get me started.

Thanks for the info.

It turns out I received a 4 meal pack of 1.5, even though the description on Amazon said 3 meal pack. My guess is Amazon has the same item # regardless of version.