Did I mess up on the whey protein?


First time DIY soylent user. I followed People Chow as it was the most popular. I wanted to buy a very small quantity (Enough for me and 2 other people to have about a weeks worth) and instead of buying the NOW Protein I bought this.

But this seems to never be used on any recipes is there a good reason that I missed and is there any huge reason I shouldn’t use this whey protein?


could be the price or that it’s not a complete protein blend


It contains sugar and flavorings, which generally make it difficult to get the required amount of protein while also making a healthy meal.

Don’t feel too badly. You can go ahead and use it if you want, but the now protein is unflavored as well, so this is going to produce something much more flavorful and sweet than you would normally get with the stuff called for in the recipe.

Edit: Also just took a look at the nutrition label info. Sucralose, not sugars, so it won’t mess with your carb levels so much but some people are freaked about sucralose, YMMV.

There’s also additional nutrients in there, so check that once you add 2 scoops of that powder (60g protein, vs the 55 called for in the chow) you aren’t over-boosting something that’s in there.

Again, the unflavored whey protein is used typically because it’s just a straight protein, this makes it easier to use in the recipe, but for a trial run, this is probably fine.



People in the DIY group are looking for cheapest long term costs. Buying larger amounts in bulk is much more cost effective than anything you’ll get at walmart.

This protein compound doesn’t cross directly with other people’s protein sources, since this is specifically designed for post workout effects rather than general consumption. It contains lots of additives that, from a soylent standpoint, are complicating and unnecessary nutrionally. A lot of what they throw on there is really hype.

Feel free to use it though. Share the recipe!


Here is a version of People Chow 3.0.1 - “Tortilla Perfection!” with Body Fortress Protein

I’ve entered a serving size of 67 grams of Body Fortress Protein Powder which has the same protein content as 55 grams of the Now Protein Powder (49 grams).

You can compare nutritional values to see what has changed. The most obvious changes are an additional 62 calories, which may not matter that much. Also, the sulfur content has gone down. (Max shows the sulfur content of Now Protein as 0.67 grams, but I could not find this on the Now nutritional label.)

Body Fortress also has what they call a “Super Recovery Blend” that contains Glycine, Creatine Monohydrate, Taurine, Threonine, L-Glutamine, Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine. They do not list values for these ingredients, but they may be of interest to you.

All the best to you!


I just got some of this too, simply because this morning I unexpectedly needed some protein powder last-minute and this was the cheapest my local grocery store had.

Wish the nutrition info was more detailed. One of the ingredients is soy lecithin, so I know it’s got choline in it, but how much? HOW MUCH?! rage

Can anyone provide info for bulk unflavored whey that’s cheaper than this stuff? I’ve been sticking to soy for cost reasons, but it seems like whey might be a better option nutritionally. (I also just tried pea protein, which I do not recommend. It’s what led to my protein emergency this morning, because while I still have nearly two pounds of pea protein in the house, I just can’t bring myself to make another day’s worth of food with the stuff.)

So I’d like to switch to whey permanently, but I haven’t found a source for affordable bulk whey. At least not more affordable than this stuff, at $15 for nearly two pounds. Hook a girl up.

Edit: Blast! I just tried my Soylent made with the vanilla stuff (minus the 25g sugar mine usually has) and it’s freaking delicious. I don’t want to go back!


:slight_smile: I’m sure you’ve seen this one: Now Foods WHEY PROTEIN

If you compare Body Fortress and Now Foods on protein content alone, then the numbers are surprisingly close:

Body Fortress is 40.52 grams of protein per dollar.
Now Foods is 38.27 grams of protein per dollar.

We need someone to write a script that watches the internet for sale prices on Soylent ingredients.


I made sure to update my nutritional information from what was in the original people chow recipe and found that the phosphorous deficiency my recipe was showing actually didn’t exist as there’s phosphorous in the protein powder. I found that out by going here.

As a side note, they do not list sulphur content on this page, and for that reason, I took it out of my version’s ingredient.

It exists already, kinda. CamelCamelCamel.com does it for you. Invaluable tool for shopping amazon (and a few others). I couldn’t live without the camelcamelcamel app.



This is the recipe I ended up creating based 99% on People Chow but subbing in that whey protein. Everything isn’t here but I was able to get started with a months supply at around $150, $200 including blender bottles etc.

I bought the whey in a 2 pack for $29.21 shipped off Amazon. $7.49 per pound. Is the NOW Protein really cheaper than that in Bulk?


The Body Fortress protein is actually a fairly cost-effective option if you don’t want to buy in huge quantities & don’t want to sort out your own storage. The bulk options that people use come in plastic bags so you basically need to have something to store them in. If you go with the Body Fortress, keep the empty jars in case you decide to order bulk protein in the future.

Although the Body Fortress is not pure isolate, if you do the math on the actual protein content, it’s pretty cost-effective, not much more expensive than the bulk protein options.

The Body Fortress protein is available in several flavors, which reduces the number of flavoring ingredients you need. It also has creatine and other supplements.


Some of us have switched to Hard Rhino Whey Protein isolate as it is essentially the same as NOW but much cheaper. And their site has free shipping over 100$.


Eagerly looked into this but, alas, it wasn’t kosher. Feh.

However, I did find another option that looks even better from an overall cost perspective.


Triple Camel is awesome, thanks! However, who needs code when @isaackotlicky is on the hunt! :slight_smile:


Update for everyone, everything came in and I feel like the chocolate flavored whey was a mistake. I’m kind of fighting back a gag reflex. Although I mixed it then immediately drank it, perhaps I need to let it set for a while, but I think I would have rather had less flavor. But YMMV.

(This is also my first mixerbottle of any type of soylent, so maybe you “get used to it”)


Definitely let it rest for a while, at least a few hours, but overnight or longer preferably. I am not using People Chow, but am using masa in my recipe and usually make it sometime in the morning or afternoon the day before I drink it. The longer you give it to soak the better the texture will become, plus I have found it needs to be chilled, warm just doesn’t seem as appetizing to me. Also, I have found a blender helps with the texture.

FYI, I also have chocolate (cocoa not GNC), cinnamon and brown sugar as flavorings, though I use less masa than you, so I’m not sure how much the extra corn would throw the flavor off.


Letting it sit over night, tweaking the formula to add more whey powder, less masa, and using less water (Filling it up to the 20oz marker on a blender bottle instead of full) concentrated the flavor and made it 100% better.

Also a nice tip, if you hate the masa after taste, plug your nose towards the end of the gulp/sip, and stop drinking. The aftertaste will not hit until you let go of your nose, so clear your throat with a huge swig of water, and then let go of your nose. Almost no after taste left.

I’m 100% back to being optimistic that i can eat this on a daily basis.


One thing i have never seen anyone but me try is to use a straw. The nasty stuff always settles at the bottom, and i can control what goes in my mouth better with a straw. Also i dont gag as much from a straw as opposed to chuging it direct from the bottle.


I imagine you may get used to the taste soon and this won’t be an issue any longer, but you may want to consider trying a few other recipes. You would probably be much happier with something you don’t need to plug your nose to drink.

Maybe this is an issue with so much masa in People Chow. I don’t have settling issues like that, everything stays suspended quite well.


That is the most common reason. Many times trying a different masa or a different carb combination will solve setting issues. I use a combo of oat flour, tapioca flour, and masa. I dont have much settling but still like using a straw. The oat flour works very well at suspending everything pretty evenly. I have also read suggestions to try warm water to “puff” or soften the masa so there is not as much settling but have never tried it.


Chia seeds made a huge difference too, especially since I let mine soak till the next day, the seeds dissolve into a gel that keeps everything in suspension. They’re awesome.

I’ve never tried warm water, but with as long as I let mine soak cold I don’t think it would make any difference.