Did RL "Scotty" everyone?


With 2.0 shipping dates…

Miracle Worker


Ha! Same thought crossed my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they were likely just being cautious, considering all the delays with 1.0 it was a good play to insure no delays with the new version.

FYI, you can inbed the video here by putting the link on its own line:


Haha, awesome. RL is also ESTIMATING that delivery will happen within 5 days. They’re finally figuring this whole public relations thing out. :slight_smile:


We cannot give you full power!


You get a ‘like’ just for that Star Trek reference. :smile:


Under promise over deliver!


Be careful or i’ll bust out more startrek references!



Somebody with photoshop skills should be able to do this much better than me…



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