Did Rob follow Sinek's suggestions to inspire action?


So I like to listen to some of these TED talks and whilst following one of them I fall asleep, only to wake up listening to another one, by Simon Sinek called “How great leaders inspire action”. He explains in this video that in order to tell a product, you have to sell the idea and once that idea is sold, people make that idea theirs (early adopters) and then they start promoting it as if it was their own.

I find a lot of parallels with the way Soylent was born. A post from Rob back in time inspired people and it was the idea that was sold and that idea became the engine behind the popularity of Soylent. It’s not the product per se which is powerful, it is the idea that unites the community and propels it towards more and more acceptance. There would be no soylent as a social phenomenon without that single powerful blog post that inspired people and kick started all.


I would certainly have to agree, speaking as one who is definitely “promoting it as if it was my own” LOL