Did Soylent go out of business?

I did not get my order for a week now. I set the re-order date to 8/26 and have not received a shipping notification. I did receive a ‘shipping soon’ notification:

Your Soylent subscription is (almost) on the way! Our team is working to get your order together and your order will ship in the next few days. Your card on file will be charged on Aug 28 2020 .

I manually changed the ship date to 8/26 but my order history doesn’t show any new orders since my last order.

My card has not been charged. I contacted support last week but I did not receive a response. It’s been a week and they ignored me. Are they out of business?

I tried to manually order another box and it gave an error!


Clearly something is going on. My most recent order is also delayed, but without any notifications or explanations from Rosa Labs. I have no reason to think they are going out of business, but I do wonder what is going on. Production delays maybe? Are some ingredients out of stock? I do see that post office is under stress and mail delivery has been getting unreliable lately.

I have an order due to occur on Sep 15, which means it should arrive by about Sep 20, so I’ll keep you updated. I still have some Bucket so it won’t bother me if my new order is late anyway. My last regular order in mid-May and my bucket order in late-May, early-June shipped fine. I wonder if it’s only certain parts of the country that has issues receiving orders. I’m in NC.

They are out of stock on Original flavor on Amazon, too. I came here just to see if anyone else was seeing supply issues. Not good. :frowning:

Same situation. Had an order for September 4th for original powder and they have yet to ship it. The customer support response to my query about it was “We sincerely apologize for the delays, our shipping team is presently delayed in processing shipments due to our safety & wellness protocols at our fulfillment centers.”

As a side comment in the past when I have experienced significant delays on my orders and they eventually shipped they usually ended up shipping from their California facility instead of their Pennsylvania facility for some reason.

Does anyone know if this delay is happening to all their products or just certain ones?

Finally got a shipping notification. Shipping from Sparks, NV which I don’t think I have seen before.

My order executed Tue Sep 15 and it was delivered today, Fri Sep 18. It’s Cacao powder, which I’m switching to just to try, but in the past it’s been regular powder and RTD and then the big bucket of powder in late May and all of it has been delivered promptly.

I’ve never had any delivery problems. I’m sorry to hear that some others can’t say the same. In case you’re interested, I live in NC and deliveries come from PA.

Amazon claims my orders placed days ago will be arriving in a couple of weeks. We shall see.

My order placed on the 15th still does not show as shipped from Amazon. It’s now the 20th and I’m down to my last box of Original RTD. I’ve got 9 boxes in the pipeline, I hope they actually show up, and soon. I’m currently rationing my intake significantly, which sucks, and at this rate I might be able to make it through the week, although that’s probably pushing my luck. I have other flavors but they are all too strong for my taste so I always cut them 50/50 with Original. I sure hope this is just a temporary logistics issue.

Out of curiosity, why aren’t you ordering from Soylent directly?

Because we get subscriptions every 2 weeks from Amazon anyway, and ordering from there gives us a 15% discount. We’ve always ordered from Amazon ever since Soylent began to sell through them.

Well here’s a bit of relief. As of today Amazon shows my recent orders have shipped and will be here by the end of the week. Looks like I’ll just stretch my remaining Soylent out long enough. Of course, I’m suspecting this will be the new “optimized” version so, I really REALLY hope I don’t hate it!

Well it arrived yesterday. 6 cases of good ol’ trusty Original 2.0. Looks like I have dodged another Soylent-formula-change-bullet, at least for the moment.