Did Soylent steal my money?

My name is Rob. I placed an order for $85 on June 11. It was supposedly shipped on June 16. I have never received it and there is no way for me to track it. I’ve emailed Soylent on 3 occassions to complain about this and track the order but have not received a single response other than a bot message saying someone would get back to me in 48 hrs. They never have. I am beyond upset. Soylent stole my money. I have never in all my years dealt with such horrible customer service. I’m wondering if it’s some sort of discrimination because my address is in Puerto Rico. Shame on you, Soylent.

Was the email address you used info@soylent.com?

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Can you help this person other than having him contact customer service?

Mistakes happen. RL has been very good about making things right, so don’t worry, they’ll fix it.


They have a horrible system where they tell you it’s going to be shipped and then it doesn’t actually get shipped because of a back-order. I recently just ordered and went through this. It’s a little shady on their part to pretend like there will be no wait to be honest, but for me it was about a week wait. I’d suggest waiting a few more days and it’ll likely be shipped. It’s when it gets shipped that you will get your shipping information. But no, they did not steal your money. Oh, and if you contact customer support they will likely tell you that you will get your shipping information but you won’t, because they won’t give you your shipping information until they ship it, and they won’t ship it right away because it’s in a queue list.

I recently complained about this type of system and hopefully they fix it ASAP, but they know by doing it this way that they can then send you a second shipment when your first one is only about halfway done because they go off the order date, not the shipping date. By the time most people cancel, they will collect 2 months worth of purchases instead of 1 months worth. Shady, but smart business. Do they care enough about the customer to fix the issue? We will see, as their actions will speak louder than their words (like it is with their want and goal to lower the price yet they haven’t).

He’s already waited over a month; I doubt waiting a few days will make a difference.

Ah, I was thinking July 11th. In that case, track the shipping number and the shipping company can tell you where it is. If you don’t have that, contact customer support. It could have been damaged, could’ve been stolen, could’ve been shipped to the wrong address, could’ve maybe not been shipped at all. Lots of options. @se7astian

You are always so accusatory. They aren’t out to get you man, relax.
Also, they never said a date they would lower the price, just that it was a long term goal.


In general, it’s best not to give any company the benefit of the doubt. If there is an issue, it is their fault. If they want the issue solved, they’ll solve it. Companies are amoral entities out to make a profit and we should not trust them. Doing so will get us burned. We need to continue to hold them accountable, and my explanations are perfectly reasonable explanations for why they won’t tell us what the queue time is and mislead us to make us think that our product is going to be shipped right away when most likely it’s not. You can call me accusatory all you want, but the fact is they are misleading, especially when you first order, and while they say they want to lower the price they haven’t actually done so, so why should I trust them that it’s even a goal? They have given me no reason to trust them that it’s a goal.

EDIT: When I design board games as a hobby, the system tells me how long the queue time is before I even order, and it keeps me updated throughout the day where I am in line. Rosa Labs could easily implement this if they wanted to.

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Could you send me a PM, I’ll handle your ticket and find out where your order is. Sorry about the delays.


I am not minimizing the problems outline by the OP, but we are happily now in the realm of “first world Soylent problems.” I originally ordered last year around June 5, and I would have been beyond thrilled to have received my Soylent by July 13. As it turns out, I had to wait until November, and others who ordered shortly after I did (in response to the “Colbert bump”) waited months longer than that. Just a reminder of the huge progress that Soylent has made in a very short time.


Hi Conor,
Thanks for offering to help. It really has been confusing/frustrating not receiving any response whatsoever. At this point, if my order has not yet shipped, I would prefer to cancel it. Thanks,


Here is my topic that might be the exception to that rule ?

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Here is my topic that might be the exception to that rule ?

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Have you read about the first Soylent shipping system?

Update: So just to be informational, here is where things stand currently. Conor (from Soylent) was kind enough to ask for my info and promise to follow up… BUT… I sent him the info and messaged him back several times and I STILL haven’t heard anything about the status of my order. That was a business week ago. I don’t for the life of me understand why they can’t let me know the status of my order. Was it lost? Can they complete it? Did they cancel it (hopefully at this point)? Do they just not like people from Puerto Rico? I honestly have no idea. The suckage continues. At this point, unequivocally, YES, SOYLENT STOLE MY MONEY. I mean, either they stole ALL MY MONEY or they stole the interest on having my money for over a month, but the principle is the same. Stealing from your clients (especially early adopters) is wrong. Shame on you, Soylent. Please don’t make me go to your headquarters and like Walter in Big Lebowski show you what happens when you F a grown man in the A.

Well, it hasn’t been quite a business week yet, until Monday (only 4 business days), but I would have thought they would have gotten back to you by now. I get the feeling they must be overwhelmed or something, just because there have been several things I have read that they have not been getting back to people on in a timely manner on. (questions, website and forum changes, etc.)

I assume they ship to Puerto Rico since it is a US territory, but I have no idea. (Perhaps that is where the mix-up occurred?)

Love the Big Lebowski reference!

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I checked and you’re right. We’re a day away from a full business week. Feels longer when they have your money…
As far as Puerto Rico goes, the shipping system accepted my address so that’s probably not the problem. But who knows? Maybe I’m the first person from my island to order.

Oh, I completely understand your frustration. Hopefully they get back with you soon. Sorry it has been a bad experience for you.