Did they stop shipping entirely?

I’ve had two orders placed. One was on the 6th and was originally marked as fulfilled but has never shipped. (I contacted customer support and they said there were supply issues with the Cafe Vanilla ready to drink but the would be resolved soon) the tracking button on the site no longer works.

the other order was on the 10th for original ready to drink. it has not been fulfilled in 11 days.

I keep seeing posts about them now shipping to Canada. I hope the late shipments aren’t because they are prioritizing/diverting to their new market at the expense off current customers.

Similar situation with my latests order not shipping after almost three weeks. The customer service response I got was that they hoped to get restocked “around mid of April.” I’m willing to wait but I also think it should have a nice big notice on their page about the issue before ordering. I shouldn’t have to get in touch with customer service about why they are charging but not shipping.

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Just an update:

I just received the order of Cafe Vanilla that I originally ordered on the 6th.
(my breakfast drink)

so I’m just waiting for my order or original drink from the 10th now. (still says unfulfilled on the site.)

I am in the same boat!

I have been charged TWICE now for orders which have only just now shipped. Their C. S. rep Harvey is useless.

I kept telling him I only wanted one order but it I feel like I’m talking into the void.

second update: just got my shipment of original drink. originally ordered on the 10th.

shipped out of PA in the new brown boxes

website still says unfulfilled

Same here. Very upset. I’m subscribed to 5x12 every month, and about to run out of last month’s soon. Very disappointed with the customer support as well as they haven’t replied back to my email. You’d think they’d prioritize loyal customers first who’ve subscribed to their product since the initial launch…

I just got a shipment of choco powder that I purchased through “need it now” (or whatever the site says). It took about a week, but it eventually shipped. My subscription was for the first (3 days ago) and it hasn’t shipped yet. I’m assuming that will suffer the same lag but ship eventually.

So, it appears at least some powder is shipping.

Same boat here. My usual is 3 cases of powder and a case of RTD. Subscription hit on the 17th, not a word on shipping, still listed as Unfulfilled.
Amazing that they’ve managed to roll out in Canada, and announce giveaways on social media but not take care of regular subscribers. Been a subscriber since 2014, but this has disrupted my food budgeting and has me seriously considering switching to something else.

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I ordered from Amazon Prime and they were able to guarantee delivery by Sunday. I hope Soylent is paying attention to this problem, because if this continues it is not good for their business. Soylent should be on fire instead in a time like this… This should really be a moment of opportunity to acquire new customers, but if they can’t handle their supply chain to meet demand then they’ll obviously lose customers across the board to their competitor products which are at slightly higher price points, but at least they get the job done…

Just got an email about my new subscription order. posted today. I’ll see if they still are having delays or if things are back to normal yet.

Edit: Shipment arrived on the 8th.

Follow up, order from April 17th just arrived today. 25 days, or 17 business days after ordering and 5 days until my subscription hits again. Just to give a feel of the current delays.

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