Did you cancel your order after the newly announced delay?


Just seeing who else has had enough.


Just go through the forums. Plenty of people did.


How does one cancel nowadays? I’m pretty happy with my 100% food, and I wouldn’t mind my $270 back. I’ve heard that info@soylent.me is non-responsive.


Email and tag @juliomiles in a post here.


Have you sacrificed a goat? You have to sacrifice a goat.



What’s the point in canceling? I’m still interested in the product, still want to try it, still plan to reorder if I like it, etc. To cancel now almost seems like bailing out of a marathon halfway through.

The product I think is a great idea, even if the company producing it seems bent on shooting themselves in the foot. A few months from now, if these guys can’t produce, somebody else will and I’ll buy from somebody else.


As long as they’re producing Soylent, I don’t plan on cancelling my order any time soon. I ordered Soylent because of the product, not because I thought they had fantastic customer service. While they’ve encountered many stumbling blocks, some unavoidable growing pains, and some self inflicted, they will continue to have my support and my money. While I wholeheartedly support the DIY sellers out there, I’d rather give my money to @rob and company, because quite frankly they were here first. Not that I’m trying belittle the efforts of the DIY sellers like @Spaceman and @axcho, but hopefully you get what I’m saying.


I canceled. At the predicted total of (up to) 24 weeks, that’s HALF A YEAR waiting for product. It’s not wise to tie up money gaining this way.

I can put the eighty bucks toward buying a $200 batch of DIY. Or paying down debt, or repairing my house, or buying a shirt and pants for work.

While I am very disappointed in the experience, I will STILL definitely buy Soylent when it’s more readily available. It’s a fantastic concept lost inside a company that wasn’t ready. That’s business; it happens.


I cancelled quite a while ago. The “lose your place in line” argument isn’t very compelling for me. If I go to Chipotle for lunch and see that there’s a 10-minute line, I’d rather leave and come back later when there is no line, or just go eat somewhere else.


I cancelled my one month reorder but kept my one month backer order. I figured there was no good reason to pay for a reorder when I still don’t know when I will get my backer order. Plus, this way I get to decide if I like the product before I reorder.


This would be an excellent analogy if you didn’t start out by running a 5k. This race was supposed to be over last August but the finish line keeps getting moved back.


Can’t really disagree with you, but the way I see it, the path of least resistance is to just ride it out. I’m going to at minimum try a week’s worth of Soylent eventually, and it’s a lot easier to just let my order sit than to go through all the bother of canceling and reordering at some later date.

If I like it (when I’m eventually able to actually try it), I’ll probably reorder on a subscription basis. Then again, the company is quickly eroding any future customer loyalty they are likely to see from me, and if a competitor is able to make a reasonably similar product, I’ll have no qualms about jumping ship. Customer loyalty is something that is earned after all, and these guys will first to get over the hurdle of producing a product.


I canceled before this delay was announced. Doing so by email was simple enough.

Had I not, I certainly would have cancelled, now.

I now have supplies in for DIY, as well as some re-sold Soylent for comparison.


80.00? A shirt OR a pair of pants more likely!


You don’t know where he works. How do you know how much his kind of shirt and pants cost?


Well, got my refund…$255 I can spend elsewhere. Maybe I’ll give them a chance someday…if they haven’t mismanaged themselves out of existence.


Nah, I can still wait. I won’t cancel until either it shows up or a big player jumps in & trumps Soylent. (the latter seems the most likely now)