Didn't the price used to be less?


So my friend who has tried this sometime last year said he paid about $60 for a weeks worth. Looking online post blogs and reviews quote about $9 per day with is $63. I also found a blog that quoted $65. I am interested in trying this but for $65 I seem hesitant. I go to the site and its $85?? Is this stuff really worth that price?

I often skip breakfast and find myself wasting money on takeout for dinner because I don’t want to cook so I was very interested in this product, but dang why so much? Its not like its made with certified Angus or something. This is just some powder, no way it costs nearly that much to make.

So is there a cheaper way to try it? I don’t want to order 4 weeks and end up hating it.



If you order it as a subscription under 1 week it is 70 dollars. Yes, it used to be cheaper (around $60-65 as you mentioned). However what you can do is order it under a subscription (which is 15 dollars cheaper than not as a subscription) and then cancel it after you get your order. There are no penalties and you can cancel your subscription at any time no questions asked. If you like it, buy more if you don’t, then don’t buy more.


The one time price is $85, and the subscription price is $70 for a week. (Note: You can pause or cancel anytime, so there really is no reason not to do the subscription.)

It is less if you buy 2 weeks ($130 sub price) or 4 weeks ($255 sub price). So, yes, it is around $9 per day to answer your question.

…and yes it is worth the price, to answer your other question. You could always buy a single day/bag on eBay to try if you just want to sample it. Obviously, you pay more per bag the less you buy. (as with anything)


Would you trust the product you get on eBay?


It is the same product as this website. You can also buy it on Amazon, but I found that to be more expensive.


Oh there is no penalty? Thats amazing! Then why do they even have the non subscription prices? Seems kinda dishonest.

But anyway I guess I might be ordering some!


We are just trying to help you out. There is no reason to call them dishonest.


I have been with soylent since the original campaign and that’s why I remember the prices being lower. What you are referring to ($65 for 1 month) was the original campaign price. That why you have most likely read articles quoting that price because most of the literature I have read about soylent was from that period where they hadn’t actually released a product to the public. I believe this was also before the idea of a subscription even existed. However if I were to guess on why they have a subscription price vs. a non-subscription price it has something to do with shipping costs or making money over the long run. The reason I don’t think there is any penalty for canceling your subscription is because there is really no good way to do it yet.


Thanks for your time!


I don’t know if I would trust it, but from a thrift standpoint it would be smart to try it that way. Based on recommendations to only use 1/3 of a bag (more accurately to only get 1/3 of you diet from Soylent) per day in the beginning it’ll last three days.


Have there every been any coupon codes or sales? Price still seems pretty high for what it is. If it I did want to get into it I’m not sure I would due to the cost.


Hell yeah! To the OP…this is not just some powder. This is much better than all the cr*p out there, not just in the states but everywhere. It just needs a few minor adjustments to the macros thats all.


$3/meal is pretty cheap. I can’t even eat at McDonald’s for that.


If it’s just some powder, get talcum powder instead; it’s a lot cheaper. If you buy this and don’t like it, you can sell it. It is expensive, but I have been surprised to find that I manage to pay $255 a month, on a very limited budget. I must have been spending more for fast food and supermarket food than I realized. Now I practically never go to the supermarket and drive my car less, saving time and money.


Thats for a one time order. A 1 week subscription (charged for and delivered every 4 weeks) is $70 or $10/day. A 4 week subscription is $255 or $9.11/day. So the $9/day that all the blogs and what not are reporting on are a rounded down price of a 4 week subscription. I blame the bloggers for not being more accurate.

The fact that its a powder has no baring on its price. Gold dust is quite expensive. As for the cost to make being less than what they charge, that’s kind of a given. They are out to make a profit. It wouldn’t make sense for them to sell it at or below cost especially when they have so much overhead.

Replace just your breakfast with it. Thats $3.33 a day and that $70-$85 will last you 3ish weeks. You can also wait for someone to get tired of it and try to sell it or give it away on here. Seems like there are a few every month or so.

How is it dishonest to reward people for being repeat customers and not ding them if they change their mind? Lots of companies give a discount to subscription buyers and don’t ding them for canceling. It would be more dishonest to ding them for canceling or force them to wait some minimum amount of time before they could cancel.


Honestly I am having trouble justifying the price to myself. I don’t think its fare to say, oh its cheaper than McDonald so therefore its reasonably priced. This isn’t really comparable to regular food and so the cost shouldn’t be. Is this stuff really that good that it should cost as much as hamburger and chicken and fresh vegetables? I don’t really want to bother making it myself but can’t justify over 4 times markup for the convenience of not having to mix it myself.


If your willing to sacrifice nutrition then yes your right you can eat cheaper with normal food.

Considering Soylent gives you the same amount of calories with a much more balanced and healthy nutrient profile than a burger, chicken, or veggies yes it is. You seem to be operating under the assumption that because its a powder that it is somehow not as good or good for you as regular food. By eating out you are getting crap loads of salt, sugar, saturated fat, trans fat, and missing who knows what vitamins and minerals (like potassium and omega-3s). Also the cost of that meal will most likely be more than $3.33 in just the food not to mention the gas it takes you to get there and back. A lifetime of eating out will eventually catch up with you in the form of diabetes, heart decease, extra weight, and liver problems. Soylent can theoretically prevent that (there is no proof yet) saving you future medical costs and improving your quality of life.

We don’t know how much it costs to make a bag of Soylent so claiming any amount of markup is just silly.


Not sure if that was intentional, but it was appropriate AND hilarious.


Yes, it is better.

It is faster. (saves the most valuable thing to most of us…time)
It is healthier. (provides exactly what the body needs)
It is cheaper. (To some people; Obviously, it depends on the person)

To get all 3 (fast, healthy, cheap) in one food is difficult. Everything else requires you to trade off at least one aspect.


The only person who can really decide if it’s “worth it” is you. Maybe you’re one of those people that’s really good at putting together cheap, healthy meals. I know that when I try, my grocery bill goes higher and I waste a lot of food with vegetables going bad and such. Buying $120 worth of groceries for one week and watching a quarter of it go bad is definitely more expensive than Soylent.

Soylent works out to roughly $4 per meal. The lunch place at work was costing me $14-16 just for lunch, and I have no idea how healthy their food really was.

That’s the other thing, too. Soylent is engineered to have exactly the right amounts of nutrients for a day. I’ve felt better overall since I started eating it, and my food bill has gone down by using it.

If you’re just looking at the price vs a burger and veggies you’re only looking at half the story.