Difference between Drink and Powder (


So I’m looking at doing a calorie deficit and it’s kind of hard to track all of that and soylent seems really simple! So I’m really considering Soylent for that reason…

One thing though, is there an actual difference between powder and drink at how it fills you up? I’m seing if powder can make you full longer it could help.

Personally, I found powder (at least v1.5 – I’ve only dabbled in the more recent versions) to be a bit more filling than the drink. The powder is also cheaper. However, I personally find the powder far less palatable than the drink, so when I was using the powder I always ended up mixing in different ingredients for flavoring that would mess around with the nutritional profile and total calories. YMMV.

I think you’ll have to try both yourself to see if you notice a difference.

I’ve personally found Soylent useful for calorie restriction this year, just because it’s so easy to track roughly how many calories I’m eating, even without writing it down.


I think that powder is more filling, and there are a few secrets that make it better for restricting your diet. One, you have to mix it to drink it. You can’t just glug it down. Two, it isn’t quite as good.

And three, something that makes powder better for any purpose – it’s cheaper.

It is also easer to add special flavorings. I always add Stevia.

Powder is also lighter and more compact. That is handy for several purposes.


At the price it is I only got a 2 week test of powder and coffiest combined… it sucks.

Thin, healthy and rich — pick any two.

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Yeah but I thought the concept of Soylent was also to be cheap.

And let’s be honnest, on a health scale it’s ok, but I rather be slimmer than healthy atm, and then switch back to normal food.

It was definitely mentioned, and price rises don’t suggest that it’s a high priority for them so far. But “cheap” is a fairly relative and arbitrary concept.


The trick is if you are already spending less on healthy food right now and have the time to prepare, clean up and shop, you might not need Soylent.

Where you really see a savings in money is if you are someone who eats out for Breakfast and/or Lunch. Soylent is convenient enough to replace those meals without losing the convenience and is cheaper usually.

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I’m 19 living with my parents. At my dad’s, we mostly always eat take out and nothing is really prepared at home most of the time. My mom’s, she prepares food but it’s still a PITA to calculate the calls and all. And atm, I do eat B fast and lunch at work. Averaging 5$ for B fast and 10$ for lunch so I do kind of save money true.

So I think soylent is worth the price, even though it really sucks it’s higher for Canadians.


No argument on that last point.

For Soylent to export it’s product for countries far away, I think powder is far more productive than send water around the planet…