Difference btween Tapioca Starch/Flour and Tapioca Maltodextrin


Starting with People Chow as my base i am experimenting with alternate carbs as i dont like the taste of masa much. Oat all day is fine but gets old both seem a bitt gritty. I picked up a bag of Tapioca starch to try and mix with other carbs but i read somwhere it is not like Maltodextrin.
What is the difference and can the T Starch be used as part of the carb mixture?


Not sure if i am allowed to bump my own thread, but i dont think any of the really smart people were in the room when i proposed this question.


I used Bob’s Red Mill Tapioca Flour for a while. Extremely fine powder and it mixed well. No weird taste. It has a lower glycemic index than Maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is around 105 GI, vs Tapioca Flour at 80ish. I’m testing Maltodextrin now, which I feel has a nice sweet taste – but Tapioca Flour was cheaper.

I had a similar experience with masa. It’s fine, but I have a slight corn allergy. I’m using a combination of Oats, Brown Sugar, Maltodextrin & Milk for my carbohydrate source. My end goal flavor and texture is chocolate milk.


I might be intetested in this recipe. I am still tryiing to find something i am happy with. Oats and masa is not doin it for me. Have you created a recipe on the DIY site or maybe a break down of your amounts.


Here’s a simplified version – I haven’t taken any time to note it out for others, but I’ll try now. Taste and texture – It’s chocolate milk.


You’ll notice High Vitamin D, K & Iodine. I feel the current RDA standards are much too low, and I prefer to have them higher. You can swap that vitamin out for individual pills. It doesn’t impact the price. Now Foods has decent vitamin D and K pills on Amazon.

Admittedly, Folate is a little low and I’m trying to figure out an easy way to raise it. No immediate risk though – Your body has a small storage of it and should last a number of weeks before running out. Easiest cheat is just to double the Multi-vitamin, but I personally would like to reduce the excess amount of unnecessary vitamins/minerals. I may add a folate supplement pill at some point.

This also complies with the guidelines outlined in this article:

I’ve tuned this to specifically myself. If you were to readjust it for yourself, I’d start with calculating your protein needs. I’m using lean body mass in kg*1.8. Your needs may dictate more.

Once protein is established, you’ll need to adjust the carbs to reduce the glycemic load. Where it’s right now for me, I feel no effects of brain fog or tiredness afterwards. I’d try to pay attention to hunger as well – If you’re getting hungry again a few hours after heating, the insulin spike may have been too high. For testing, I suggest making just enough for a single meal. 1/3 of the total ingredients and try it. I feel like that’s a realistic test you can use to test flavor and overall feeling.

When you find the right balance for carbs, put the rest of your caloric needs into fat. I encourage at least 0.4g per pound of lean body mass. Less than that, and your body may not have the necessary materials for certain hormones.

Lastly, adjust fiber for your personal preference. It’s recommended to have 14g per 1000 calories. I think it takes some experimentation to find the right spot for yourself.

For preparation, I mix all the dry ingredients in a mason jar while using a food scale to measure the weights. Add milk to a takeya pitcher, add dry ingredients, shake vigorously, then use an immersion blender. I prefer to let it sit overnight, and before consuming. If you don’t enjoy the texture of the chia seeds, you can blend again in the morning. It’ll actually help with emulsion at that point.

I don’t crush or mix my vitamins into the drink. I just drink them with water or soylent as you would normally. I tried it for awhile and just made a huge mess, and wasted time.

I haven’t spent any real time trying to optimize cost. And don’t feel obligated to buy these specific brands – This is just what I had on hand, or knew were easy to obtain. The last ingredient that might show up, is some sort of artificial sweetener. I think it’s current sweetness is fine, but when I used Optimum Nutrition’s chocolate whey, it had sucralose in it. It was much sweeter and I liked it quite a bit, and may add it back to mine.