Difference in flavor?

Is there a reason there is a flavor difference between the premixed cacao drinks and the cacao powder? It is still cacao flavor but there is a massive difference in flavor. The powder taste… I’m not sure how to describe it. Old? Muted? The premixed bottles are actually quite tasty but the powder leaves a terrible after taste and if you burp, dear god. It feels like it is missing something but I have no idea what it is. I’m just getting into Soylent so I am trying my best to understand things and how this all works. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there something wrong I am doing or anything I can do to improve the flavor without compromising the nutrition?

The liquid and powdered are different products with different ingredients. They have to be; some ingredients are only shelf stable when dry, some cannot be powdered. It’s not surprising that they taste different.

I like Soylent and am not trying to undermine them, but why not just get the plain powder and flavor it the way you like it? You could add some cocoa powder, sugar, cinnamon - whatever you like. It won’t cost you much time or money. That is what I do. I am pretty happy with my “secret recipes” heh heh heh.