Digestive Issues and Specific Related Questions


Being a gay male let’s just say my intestinal conditions are quite important to my life. I am a person obsessed with efficiency and love the jdea of Soylent. I do not want to waste my money though if it will cause intestinal issues for me. I am just looking for people’s stories and ideas as to whether or not Soylent would be an option for me, and other members of the gay community. Any additive fixes would be appreciated as well. I understand this could fit into amother thread but I believe the specific circumstances grant it its own space.

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I’ve been adding psyllium husk powder to my Soylent 1.1 and DIY (People Chow variant) for a little while now and am happy with its affects on my intestinal condition. Soylent 1.1 was making my poo a little closer to the runny side. My DIY did that a little before I started adding psyllium husk. You can find a number of other people on this forum saying how good psyllium husk is. Let’s just say it lessens, but doesn’t get rid of, the need for toilet paper. I think that might be what you are looking for.

I’ve heard people complain that Soylent gives them horrible diarrhea. I’ve also heard it gives some horrible constipation. I think you have to try to find out how it will affect you.


Where can psyllium husk powder be purchased? And what about things such as flatulation?


I bought mine from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002RWUNYM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. I’m pretty sure you can get it an the natural food stores like Whole Foods. I don’t think it helps much with gas. I had to give up on Soylent 1.1 because the gas was so bad. You can find all kinds of ideas throughout the forum about how to fix the gas. I don’t think any of them work, at least for me. They claim they are fixing the gas problem right now. I hope they do…


I suppose I will wait and see what they do with the official Soylent.


There are some other threads where psyllium husk is discussed. I started using it a couple weeks ago and have had quite a few “ghost wipes”. (Read some of the reviews on Amazon to understand, lol) When I take the psyllium a two or three times a day, poop comes out like little stones, and almost no wiping is needed. If you take too much at once (three servings in a day) you’ll get gas, but if you ease up gradually, no gas problems at all.


Soylent has 27g of fiber per day. If your body isn’t used to that much fiber you will have some temporary digestive issue. Because of this it’s not recommend to quit regular food cold turkey and that you replace one meal at a time giving your body time to adjust.

As far as gas goes some people have it some don’t. The only way to know if your one of the unlucky people that get the dreaded “death farts” is to try it yourself. People have reported varrying amounts of success with beano and gasX.


I have to wonder how many of the people suffering “intestinal distress” from Soylent were heavy meat eaters who aren’t used to ingesting a lot of vegetable fiber.

I’m a vegetarian, and my diet was already high in fiber. I noticed absolutely no difference based on amount of Soylent I ate. Granted, I’ve only been doing Soylent once or twice a day, but still, I’d expected to notice some difference.


I’ve often wondered the same thing. Not necessarily meat eaters but low fiber eaters. You can eat lots of carbs and fat with very little protein and still not get any fiber. I’ve read a few posts and just from the symptoms they describe it sounds like what happens when you suddenly increase your fiber intake.


Sudden increase in fiber is only one piece of the puzzle.


Yeah, if it was just the fiber, everyone would adjust. Not everyone does.

Also, @Daniel18, be sure to check out the multitude of other threads on digestive issues… The only “specific circumstance” that separates this thread from the others is that you’re gay, and I don’t think that is particularly relevant.


You might have missed the important subtext here concerning why intestinal issues would pose a greater concern for @Daniel18 :slight_smile:


LOL no, I got it, it’s just that I don’t think the other threads are less relevant just because they weren’t written with that in mind.


I think it makes sense for him to see if others with his particular… Needs experienced any issues.

Well, now that I’m actually thinking about it more rather than sitting here mildly amused, you actually do have a point. Any relevant issues/questions are probably addressed in the other threads


To put it another way… he has the same questions/concerns a lot of other people have… he just has a different reason for asking them.


I agree there is more than just sudden fiber increase going on. The “death farts” are not caused by fiber but something else. Thats why @mathew and I used the qualifiers “many” and “a few” not “all”.


Well, mostly. I don’t think I’ve seen the other threads specifically describe this aspect of it though, I guess it’s possible that someone could chime in and say “all those other things are true but as long as you keep some air freshener around you’re probably good to go” (though at the very least you’d probably need to add some psyllium first)

I’d love to see Soylent make a cameo appearance in Savage Love.


While to a degree I understand this information can be found in other threads not being gay many of you may not entirely understand. It is not just the consistency of my bowel movements but also the condition of my digestive system, my ability to have a control over it, and I was looking for a perspective from other gay on how it has worked for them. I am a vegetarian and I have gained a great deal of control over my digestive system. My concern also involves the number of bowel movements that are passed in a day. I was curious if anyone had experience with my particular situation.
Also why is that the part people decided to comment on? Clogging a thread with posts about validity of a thread is wasting everyone’s time.


Pre-soylent I had very little fiber in my diet and could go several days without a movement and thought “being regular” was just a figure of speech. Once I made a concerted effort to get the DRI of fiber in my diet and later switched to DIY soylent I found that my movements where surprisingly regular at 1 per day at around the same time of day. Seeing as your a vegetarian I don’t think you will have a problem with the fiber.


I wasn’t trying to say your thread was invalid, I was suggesting that you may find answers that you’re looking for in many other threads.