Digestive or gas issues with 1.5?

I’m having some gas issues, and I’ve only been drinking about 600 calories a day. Anyone else? I’m assuming most folks are doing fine with it, so please only post if you’re having issues. Thanks.

That’s not good to hear. I’ve had to go 67% Soylent and 33% DIY soylent with 1.4. Still better than any previous version of Soylent.

None for me since the switch from 1.3. I’ve found 1.4 and 1.5 very easy on my stomach.

I managed to have one full meal of 1.5 for dinner and great felt full, which is something I hadn’t previously felt on other versions without adding something. Though I found myself having a hard time sleeping as I was seriously bloated and had some gas. None of the room clearing bombs thoughh, thank goodness! Have you found a fix or some way of relieving without bean-o or gas-x? I hate having to take something for gas because I always feel more bloated.

Nope, I’ve decided to sell my remaining 5 bags to my housemate.

Btw, I remember drinking a full meal of 1.4 for a late dinner more than once and waking in the middle of the night with serious bloating.

I’ve actually had pretty bad issues with gas and bloating since middle school (Docs chalk it up to Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and I’ve found a reduction in both (along with upset stomachs and diarrhea if that isn’t too graphic) after only about 6 days of half a pouch a day. I’d give it a couple more days to adjust (letting gut flora adjust to a new diet and less solids) and see how you feel then.

Thanks but I gave 1.4 a couple of weeks and it didn’t get better. The ingredients in 1.5 are so similar that I don’t think things will change. The felt comfortable buying a week’s worth because I knew my housemate would buy what I don’t use.

Ohh, I didn’t know, whoops.
Sorry it doesn’t agree with you, hopefully inevitable 1.6 will agree with you better? :frowning:

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Well that sucks. I’ll give it a few days as I’m not having many problems with taste now, and am really loving the satiety I have from it.