Digestive Problems Soylent



I am a new user of Soylent. I cerated my recipe through DIY Soylent, variant of an existing one, and have been taking it for 3 days , just started my 4th.
I am a bit worried because I am quite sick; it is not exactly diarrhea but I am very gassy and, sorry for the image, when I go to the toilet its is yellow/orange and of a slimy texture (sorry again…). Furthermore , i have not lost weight at all.
I am 5’9 (1m80) and 238 Pds (108K) and I made this recipe to lose weight.

My recipe is here: http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/large-pack

Do you have any idea why this is happening and how In could change it?

Thank you.

PS: If you cannot see the recipe, ask and I will copy and paste here…


Stop the recipe, go back to what you were eating before. A DIY recipe is something to be started slowly while getting plenty of feedback from the community.


The issue was that I could not discipline myself enough to eat balanced. This recipe comes from a successful one + a friend of mine who tested it for himself.
“Stop it all” is not a very constructive piece of advice I must say.
If you had advice about how to make it progressive with facts and figures, I would appreciate it more.


I think “Stop!” is the best advice anyone could give you right now.


Maybe this sentence is a bit exaggerated for my state. I pass gas a lot and When I wake up I go 3 times to the toilet then it is better. During the day, nothing horrible, some urges from time to time that is all. Cannot it be be the body needing to get used to it?


You’re 100 or so pounds over weight. Just eat one meal of Soylent a day and eat more later on because I’m guessing your body isn’t used to healthy food and is having a weird reaction.


Thank you for your answer, that may be the case. I will take out the Malto first with same quantities and adapt if the results are not convincing.


Also, You should not expect any weight loss over 3 days- give it at least 2 weeks. Your weight can fluctuate by up to 5 pounds in one day, so an overall long-term trend of weight loss is desirable.


It sounds like it might be the fiber that causes your main problem… That part your body will adjust to… As for the slimy rainbow stoll… That could be many things and I advice you to keep a close eye on it… If its mainly gas besides that your problem may pass in a weeks time… Perhaps you should only take 1-2 servings during that week and eat normal on the side. If your problem continues then seek medical advice :confused:


I’m no nutrition expert. But, from my experience with food (I have to lose 1/2 human), here’s my take on your problem.

Your body is not used to all the fiber. Also, you are consuming more oil and you may not be drinking enough water. Cut back on the Soylent. Start with 8 oz per day for one week, then gradually add 8 oz weekly until you can comfortably consume your desired quantity. Drink enough water daily to keep you urine clear. Due to the color of Soylent, your stool will be yellow. That’s unavoidable.