Dilemma... birthday after Soylent!


So I’m sitting here at 1:30am feeling absolutely stupendously good (just had 6oz of Soylent about 45 minutes ago… sooooo invigorating!) and I notice some “happy birthday” emails coming in from various companies. My birthday is in about a week and while I’m not really big on birthdays being anything particularly special (for myself anyway), I do like to take advantage of freebies whenever I can! =)

So in the past that has usually meant, at least, breakfast at Denny’s (I don’t eat the grand slam breakfast but my gal will, so she actually gets the freebie but since we’re a family, it’s kinda all the same). But now I just got emails from Jamba Juice for a free small smoothie, and Cold Stone Creamery for a buy one get one ice cream.

I’ve been a somewhat regular patron (at least 5 or 6 times a year, mostly in summer) of Jamba Juice for ages, and while I don’t have ice cream very often I certainly do like it. But here I am so thoroughly enjoying my new “Soylent lifestyle”… what’s a boy to do?? LOL

I guess I’ll probably let myself have essentially a “cheat day” and just throw caution to the wind. It will actually be quite interesting to see how I feel after much more of a typical pre-Soylent type of eating day. Oh and let’s not forget the possibility of birthday cake! I’m expecting that I’ll feel overly full and probably have quite the sugar spike/crash, and that I won’t skip a beat after and just go right back to Soylent, business as usual. Ahh such high quality problems… :wink:


Well, go for it, and if you have a horrible experience like a food hangover, or the energy spike crash that is a really bad experience in contrast, then chalk it up as a learning experience. Take one for the team and let us know how it goes :slight_smile:


LOL Take one for the team indeed… I’ll remember that as I’m reveling in ice creamy sinfulness… =)

Hey if the weather is nice maybe I’ll at least preemptively burn some calories and walk to Jamba Juice & Cold Stone. They’re in the same shopping center and it’s only about 1.5 miles or so from my house.


Based on what you have said in your other post, i would just prep accordingly. Since you will most likely have some crash to your eating, either plan to spread it out over a few days, or just go super crazy and then augment with coffee or some 5 hour energy drinks… lol

"#firstworldproblems, #soylentproblems


Don’t call it a cheat day. Do what you want, but most importantly, enjoy it. There is no rule that says how much Soylent we need to consume. I imagine that as time progresses, our bodies will dictate our food choices more than our traditions. Some will go by the wayside, but others, like for me, Thanksgiving, will never be replaced. And maybe birthday cake as well.

I also suspect that your desire for free food will wane when the after affects of that JambaBlast become more obvious. That one I’d stay away from.


Yeah I really never think in terms of things like “cheat days” as I’ve never “been on a diet”. I’m not much of a believer in such things. I made a few changes to my diet in order to reduce caloric intake over the last year, and it helped me lose 30 pounds, but it wasn’t what anyone would call “a diet”. Fortunately these offers (except for Denny’s) don’t have to be used on my birthday, they’re good for a month… so I’ll spread them out a bit. Yum yum… but I still so look forward to Soylent as the base!!


so… just throwing it out there, you could make that statement literal. I’ve heard people have had a fair bit of success ( @isaackotlicky) using DIY soylent in a similar capacity to flour, and you have mentioned you’re partial to the “vanilla cake” aftertaste… :wink:


Yeah I’ve actually been thinking about that. I’m not much on cooking, but I do bake a pretty good cake. Maye I’ll try baking a Soylent cake. I wonder how that would be frosted… hmmmmmmm


People very much enjoyed my soylent green key lime cake…

If you think about it, soylent (plus a bit of baking powder for loft) is essentially a protein fortified, vitamin complete bread or cake mix.


Yep! And that’s precisely why baking with it actually seems incredibly obvious and logical.

I don’t always bake, but when I do I use Soylent.


I say you throw caution to the wind, pig out on all the freebies in one day and thoroughly document the entire experience to serve as a warning to others. :smiley:


LOL you’re evil!! =P