Diluting 1.5 makes it better

I’m still waiting for my second batch of soylent 2.0, meanwhile I have a bunch of 1.5 bags sitting around, and I didn’t feel like consuming them anymore. However, given how awesome it was to go 100% soylent (albeit 2.0) for a whole day, I decided to give 1.5 a try again.

One thing I noticed about 2.0, and I thought it was a huge factor that made it awesome, is how “diluted” it is compared to how I usually prepare my soylent. Oh, and how cold it was.

So this time I used an extra container (I had a green Ambronite container lying around) so I can add more water to a day’s worth of soylent 1.5

I also put it in the freezer for a couple of hours then moved it back to the fridge.

Now, it still tastes like soylent (I used to think soylent tasted neutral, but 1.5 tastes like oatmeal when compared to 2.0), but this time I was able to go 100% soylent more easily.

So, just saying. If you have extra 1.5 bags, try diluting them more than usual and see how it feels.


I’ve been adding extra water and/or blending in crushed ice into my 1.5 for a while now, and I agree it’s much better than normal 1.5. Some chocolate doesn’t hurt, either. :grin:

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I like 1.5 undiluted, but I often add an extra cup of water to the blend and it tastes fine then as well, plus making it seem like there is more Soylent.

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I use about 1 part of 1.5 (1kcal/ml) to 2 parts water in my bike water bottles. Will be trying it in a half Ironman this weekend.

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I’ve been just mixing 1.5 and 2.0. usually something like 1/3 to 1/2 of 1.5 into a cup/container and fill the rest with 2.0. Tastes MUCH better than just plain 1.5 powder.


Sounds like a waste of 2.0

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It’d be more wasteful of me to throw away 1.5.

I think every pitcher of 1.5 I made in the past I probably threw away around a fifth of the pitcher because I could never finish it within 4-5 days. Mixing it with 2.0 in my opinion makes it much more palatable. I have 7 bags of 1.5 left. Although it will probably take me a month or so before I finish all 7 bags.


Yesterday I did my second 100% soylent day on 1.5 with the dilution method.

Needless to say 2.0 is still much better but I can totally see myself doing 100% soylent with 1.5 this way. I have about 11 bags of 1.5 left.

I think will try mixing it with 2.0 as well, just to see how it goes.

FWIW… I had 100% Soylent for the 6 days leading up to the triathlon (mostly 1.5, but some 2.0) and the race went great.
I probably had about 800kcal of diluted 1.5 with me on the bike (split between two bottles… a 3rd was just water) and the 56 mile ride went just fine.

At the race expo a few days earlier walking past booth after booth of miracle-carb-electrolyte-whatnot I was wishing I was wearing a Soylent T-shirt. So simple and cost effective.

I did have a bunch of gatorade on the run, but by then it was really needed (heat). More importantly I didn’t feel at the end of the bike/start of the run that I was at all fuel depleted.

In my first full Ironman 5 years ago I spent 26 minutes (a LONG time!) in the swim-bike transition… I had a veggie burrito and soda while changing my clothes… Much easier and faster now just to “eat” my food while on the bike…


I made my first powdered Soylent (1.5) last night. I too, think it is too thick.

For a product with so much science behind it, the package directions are pretty unscientific. Do the package directions want you to combine the powder with 2L of water? How much water should be combined with 1 pouch of Soylent? I don’t think it says on the package. And then when diluting per this thread, how much extra should I add? Exact volumes were not mentioned yet in this thread so far yet, I don’t think. How many g of Soylent (1.5) are in one bag, by the way?

The procedure for making Soylent printed on the package is bad because it’s a lot of work (60 sec of shaking). I was thinking of using a blender instead.

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At the race expo a few days earlier walking past booth after booth of miracle-carb-electrolyte-whatnot I was wishing I was wearing a Soylent T-shirt. So simple and cost effective.

@Conor Get them t-shirts/patches/badges out for people who do marathons for more publicity.


The release notes say 1.6 L, not 2 L. I don’t measure, so I probably use a bit more (until the pitcher is close to full). If you tried adding 2 L of water to a bag of Soylent in the Takeya pitcher, I imagine it would overflow. If you’re making less than a pitcher at a time or using a different vessel, you will be able to add more water.

However much you want. I add about 80-120 ml per 500 ml of prepared Soylent.

It’s printed on the front bottom of each bag: 460 g.


I like the thickness; I feel a bit like I’m drinking some rich cream when I start the day. But as soon as I drink that first cup I replace it with a cup of water, giving me a full but diluted pitcher.

I have a subscription shipment coming today at the new lower price.

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1800mls of water to one pouch of soylent does the trick

Funny this thread should be resurrected. I’ve recently taken to diluting about 50-100 calories of mixed 1.7 in a full glass of water as a post-run drink. It’s quite good!

Dilluted 1.7 also works great in bike bottles for cycling…

Good point. I dare say I’ll start bringing along diluted 1.7 for those upcoming summer long runs.