Diluting Soylent 2.0

Hi everyone,

I love Soylent 2.0 but I can kill a whole bottle in about a minute and it’s a little calorically dense for my preferences.

I’m trying to dilute it to about double the volume for roughly the same nutritional profile. I flavor my Soylent so taste is essentially negligible for my purposes - I’ll double up on the amount of flavoring to reach the same profile at twice the volume.

I have tried water, which is okay, but the texture is drastically changed for the worse. It’s not undrinkable, but it’s not as pleasant either.

Thinking of trying unsweetened almond milk next. That will add about 35 calories per (now 200 calorie) serving. That’s right along the threshold of my acceptable caloric gain for dilution.

Has anyone else experimented in this area? What are you using to dilute your Soylent?

For immediate consumption, I am not sure. However, diluting with water is probably your best option. If you have time to leave your Soylent in the fridge for a couple hours you can add psyllium husk, it will increase in volume and thicken up to help the texture. Psyllium will start to swell after a couple hours in the fridge - Caution: if you leave psyllium in 2.0 overnight it will turn 14 floz into a snot consistency, read below:

When I want to make 2.0 more filling, I do it by adding more fiber and increase the volume of liquid.

I put 2.0 in a blender bottle, 2.0 is 14 fl.oz. I then add 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk and 1 tablespoon of PB2 and place it in the fridge. The psyllium husk increases in volume in a couple of hours, if you leave it overnight the consistancy turns to snot… but i’m not finished yet.

I then add crushed ice into the mix, until the blender bottle is full, then shake vigorously. At this point the ice does melt a bit, the volume increases to about 20oz, then you have crushed ice to chew on while your drinking. It adds chewing to the meal, slowing down the consumption, and increasing volume.

(The ice, shaking, and melting of the ice evens out and breaks down the snot consistency of the psyllium husk if you left it in the fridge overnight.)

If you wanted to keep it minimal, you could use water and also add a little bit of xanthan gum to thicken it. If the flavors you’re adding are are in powder form, mix the xanthan gum with that to help it disperse.