Dining out on Soylent

Hey all,

I’m a new Soylent subscriber embracing it for weight loss. I’ve been on Soylent almost solely for a week now and am heading out to dinner at a restaurant tonight. Any suggestions on what restaurant foods “sit well” with the diet?

Same place as you a couple weeks back. Have been able to eat normally with friends, as long as I don’t really overeat. I have been feeling great.

Today, I had a burger with sweet potato fries after a week on Soylent and loved every bite.


Anything. Soylent is still food.

Though you tend to get bit more sensitive on soylent, so extreme amounts of spice/salt/sweet can be overwhelming. Of course, everyone is different.

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Don’t eat more than you actually want. You need to listen to your body. Different people have different reactions. I can eat anything with no special reaction except that I am more critical of junk food and have a “I could have had a V8” kind of feeling, but of course, instead of V8, it is Soylent.