Disappointed with the product


Received my Soylent last week and was eager to give it a whirl. I have two big issues with the product:

  1. Packaging of the oil is messy and does not inspire confidence. That the caps are merely screwed on (loosely, in some cases) and the contents are not sealed in any way is troubling. Tampering and spoilage are major concerns.
  2. The choice to use sucralose was misguided. In a product where every ingredient is crafted (and, incidentally, critical to the benefit proposition), using artificial sweeteners is both unnecessary and frustrating. This is worsened by the flavor profile: the dry aftertaste ruins the consumption experience. (Note: I feel this way about anything with sucralose, not just Soylent.)

Does anyone want my extra Soylent? I’m going to find an alternative that aspires to use better ingredients.


Sure I would love to have your Soylent


There was a thread recently where Rosa Labs said they are changing how the oil is packaged in a future revision.


@jasofa - mass production have it’s limits.
If you looking for customized solution - have a look at hand-made alternatives at Powdered Foods Marketplace. There you can find formulas made from organic ingredients, gluten free & vegan, etc…


Just be aware that without SOME kind of sweetener, it would not taste good. I can attest to this personally. I assume you are advocating for them to just use sugar? That is probably significantly more expensive and I would guess they would need more of it by weight.

I could definitely see a market for unsweetened/unflavored Soylent for those with sensitivities to either the Vanillin or Sucralose.

Fair disclaimer, I use Splenda to sweeten my DIY soylent because I’ve got no problem with Sucralose.


I would love to have it. How much are you looking at selling it for?


Just as a note here, we’re looking to discourage Soylent 1.0 resale within the Discourse. It’s not to say there aren’t valid reasons to sell off your Soylent (obviously not everyone doing so is just out to make a quick buck), but a rule weakens if it’s not applied consistently.

@jasofa, if the phrasing in your original post implies that you’re hoping to give away a few bags you have left over, I think that’s fine. Independent resale though, would be best left to a medium outside the forum. :wink: