Disappointing Service


When I ordered Soylent on May 6th, they said it would take 10-12 weeks to deliver. 12 weeks were completed on July 29th. You would think they would reach out and inform the customer that they will not be meeting their deadline, and provide a new deadline. They didn’t do that. So I emailed. And then waited for a response, and waited some more. When a response came, it was a generic one; “We’re working hard to fulfill your order”. I reached out again at 13 weeks. It’s been more than a week, and I have received no response. Today completes 14 weeks, and I emailed them again. By the time they respond, it will probably be 15 or 16 weeks. Their automatic email updated the shipping status on 7/22. Are they even working over there?

Pretty disappointed so far. How long does it take to fix pipeline issues, or add more customer service agents?


I believe for orders made by the 6th they said expect a 8 week or more delay. I can’t find the thread, but i know all non backer orders were delayed. Unless you’re giving them money or taking it from them (aka refunds) they generally don’t generally give your email anything more then lip service.



Thanks for the response. I don’t understand why they can’t put the delay update in their automatic email. It would save them a lot of emails, and save customers a lot of frustration. I told them this time that I need a refund if they can’t ship by end of next week, as I’m leaving the country for a month. Maybe they’ll have an actual response this time.


There was an email sent to customers about the delay. Check your junk folder.


It was sent July 24th.


I just checked all gmail folders and don’t see the email. Did the email confirm an 8 week delay as mentioned above?


yep… an email def went out. not sure why you didnt get it.


I feel your pain. I ordered a 1 week supply to sample back in February and just received it. I decided to sign up for a 1 month recurring subscription a month ago figuring I’d cancel if I hated Soylent when I got it.

I like the drink well enough, but I get an email saying “Your month of soylent is shipping this week” then a retraction “we messed up, we see you just got your order, so we’ll send it September 1st”. No no, I ordered a week and then a month, so yes I want you to ship it now.

Now I have to wait 3-7 days for Soylent to get to my email and then MAYBE correct the problem. Their entire customer service and logistics team has failed miserably and continues to disappoint with regularity.


Try waiting for over a year.


You order one week in Feb 2014? And already got it?

I ordered 2 weeks in May 2013 and have gotten absolutely nothing. Soylent’s operation enrages me.


Seems that most voicing their opinion are in favor of FIFO rather than fulfillment based on order size. RL should listen to the majority of their customers and consider FIFO…I’m certain that polling us would reflect the FIFO preference.

Meanwhile you see profiteers auctioning their Soylent on Ebay for 2x or 3x the actual cost…rinse & repeat when their large monthly subscription is resupplied.

This current process is a trainwreck.


Seems they could purchase and resell more by simply placing multiple reorders rather than only doing a monthly subscription. It would be tricky for RL to determine who’s reselling and who’s using though (and do they care?) Someone ordering 4 months of product per month could be reselling. Or they could be feeding a family of four?


Again, the amount sold on eBay, while it may be frustrating as hell to people who haven’t gotten their own first shipments yet, is a vanishingly tiny percentage of the Soylent shipped so far. Be mad at the resellers, but it hasn’t slowed your own shipment by a measurable amount.


Larger orders first was a decision made to fufill a backlog of orders placed before production began, orders placed after 5/6/14 will be shipped FIFO


Doing some quick math with the numbers they’ve given us…
100k+ pouches shipped out so far… which if we go by the 100k single day pouches mark, and they only ship during business days… they’re shipping between 50-60 one month orders a day… so I’d say that the resellers would be impacting how fast everyone else is getting theirs… and reorders…

Granted this is a rough estimate given the little information they’ve provided, I’d bet its safe to say they’re shipping less than 100 one month orders a day…

Edit: also, I just woke up and I’m bad at math :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel that the silent majority are fine with the order-size-first for the initial fulfillment.


Not much. I’d say it may average a week’s worth of Soylent resold on eBay a day. So it could be slowing things, by your calculations, by 1%.


Just to add here, I haven’t received a delay mail on 2 accounts either and it’s passed the 14 weeks mark I think.


You “feel”? Based on what? I’m a backer and it’s been more than a year and I’ve received nothing. I’m NOT fine with everybody jumping in line ahead of me. FIFO? More like FTB.


Over a year for me as well. More like WTF.