Discount code for UK supplier Bulkpowders


I buy most of my ingredients for my DIY soylent at
They are quick, efficient and the powders are very good quality. Here is a discount code - get £5 off your first order.


The products I buy from them regularly are:
Hemp protein
Pure Whey protein
Psyllium Husks Powder
Flaxseed Powder
Soya Protein Isolate 90%
Ultra Fine Scottish Oats

They also do really good cheap blender bottles. storage tubs and scoops.


While under different circumstances I will totally let you have the referral bonus, please note that if you DON’T sign up with that code and use “FBAX” instead (, you get 10% off your first order, which usually is much more.

Other than that, I too recommend and use bulkpowders.