Discounts for Multi-Month / Subscription?


Hi Soylent awesomeness. First off much love for making Soylent. You are my heroes.

I am wondering if you might have plans to offer families a further discount on their purchases when the whole family plans to use Soylent as their primary source of food? In other words, if you buy more than 1 month per month, do you get a greater discount for your bulk purchase? (Maybe $450 for 2 months at a time, $650 for 3?)

What about a for going onto a monthly subscription plan where you automatically send out my monthly supply of soylent (for myself and my partner both, so 2 months/mo) and automatically bill the credit card on a specified day?

I also asked a question in the EBT thread about whether you might, as an alternative to Soylent being purchasable with EBT directly, make it available to recipients of EBT or other public assistance programs at a discounted rate to help offset the fact that it isn’t covered by EBT (yet).

These are my thoughts as we anxiously await Soylent, and the transformation we expect it to make of our food lives.

Thanks in advance for any replies!


Lol, we’ve found someone more excited about Soylent than myself. It’s funny how we can get so excited about a food product that not only have we not tasted yet, but we have no idea how well our bodies will take to it.


They won’t discount it until they see what the take up rate is again after the initial pre-orders but they’ve shot themselves in the foot because they’ve already said that they will be discounting it in the future, I’m not going to re-buy until they discount it now so we have a catch 22.

I’m probably one of the most excited people about Soylent but their social media/news/interaction with us has been a joke.


I find it very interesting that you’re ready to commit your family to a large order without having tried it once.


@zenman I know, right? I’m just fed up with having terrible options for affordable nutrition and have wanted the slop in a sardine can from The Matrix for almost 20 years. All I can say is it’s about damn time.

@Benji “They won’t discount it until they see what the take up rate is again after the initial pre-orders” Source?

@anonynamja Cool!