Discourse Annoyance


This is the first message forum I have ever seen that manages to incorporate a structured layout on top of a flat layout. It’s really annoying.

If I expand someone’s post to see the replies, and then scroll down, I see the replies again with no reference to the original post without clicking on the icon of the original poster. I don’t see an option to change this behavior. Maybe I missed it, but I prefer structured, or hierarchical layout.

Is this possible?


I like the layout here better than hierarchical. It seems easier to follow. You can reply and quote someone and only respond to a portion of what they said. Or, you can quote more than one person and respond to pieces of what multiple people said in a single posting. It seems much easier to follow this way.


There are a lot of nice and advanced features here. But i agree the reply/quote handling is troublesome. Most times I don’t realize a post I’m reading is a reply to something. It would be better if they forced quoting (at least the first sentence) and took away the expandable reply view.


When I expand a post’s replies, and scroll down, I see the replies WITH reference to the original poster.

In the upper-right of the post, there’s an indicator that it’s a reply, with the poster to whom the reply is made. If you click this, it will expand and show you the post being replied to. For example:

I had already expanded my original post, and then scrolled down to mryanmarkryan’s post, and it still shows reference to my original post.

I do notice, however, that if the replies are immediately after or close to a post, Discourse does not show the reference. It only shows the reference after a large enough gap in the reply chain. This can easily throw you off if you’re looking for the “reply” indicator.


I’m not a reddit user… but personally I find the engine behind this forum to be fantastic. Previous to this my favorite forum to hang out on was the Nissan Leaf electric car forum which is TERRIBLE (the forum engine, not the car)


I agree; I’m a fan of Discourse. But the hands-down killer feature for me is that I can do a screen shot or have an image in the clipboard, be editing my post, and can just paste to insert the image without having to first save it to a file and then bring the file into the forums.


Hmm… Just tried it but couldn’t seem to copy/paste from my iPhone or in Safari on my mac… maybe it’s just not an Apple feature… :frowning:

Side note… That shot is from a pretty cool Daily Show story on the anti-GMO movement…


I use Chrome on Windows boxes… may be a Windows and/or Chrome thing.


Works on Chrome in Linux too.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear. That is what I meant. Having a hierarchical and flat system at the same time is my annoyance. I understand there are cool features here. But reading the same message twice is what I was talking about.

My preference is to pick hierarchical or flat. I honestly don’t care which. Just not both.


I find that with each type of internet communication (and I’m on several) I need to figure out how to read things only once. Here I find that a good memory and the tracking feature serves to get me through most of the threads with no problem and no duplication of reading.



It’s not about memory… It’s about reading the first portion of a post and realizing you already read it.

Anyway, I’ll drop it. This apparently is only an issue to me. I’m weird that way.


For what it’s worth, it took me a long time to adapt to this format and I’m still not sure it’s a favourite. The only thing I really like about it is that it will let me know when new stuff happens for when I’m bored at work.



Sorry, OP I can’t really agree with your complaint. That “dual” quote is like the only flaw in a otherwise perfect forum layout. Show me a forum that is better all around than this one.