Discourse Link Gone From Homepage


I noticed around a week ago that the discourse icon on the bottom of the front page is missing. At first, I gave it time thinking it was the result of updating the website and the developer made an error or forgot. Why is it that the link is missing? Was this a decision by the staff? Error? Seems to me a bad idea if it were an active decision because it seems to disincentivize community feedback.

What’s up?


What front page/homepage?


Oh did you mean this from Soylent.com:

Yeah I don’t see the discourse icon on it anymore either (I actually didn’t know the last icon was a link to Soylent discourse, and have asked multiple times if there is a link to this forum on Soylent.com lol now I feel dumb). EDIT: Ohhh I have a social media annoyance filter turned on on my ad blocker so I can’t even see those icons, that picture was copied from a discourse thread from 2k15.


It was an error, we are working on a major overhaul of the site.


Ty you Conor.

That’s a relief.


While we’re on the subject, how about a Discord and/or Telegram soylent?


There is already a Soylent discord. https://discord.gg/zXGnuFd