Discourse post count bug



The past 2-3 days the new post count for both unread/new threads has been a bit wonky. All five of the suggested topics show the same unread count, “2”, “7”, “1”, etc. It also seems that when I get down to only having a few remaining unread/new posts the count indication disappears completely, making it appear that there is nothing left to be read.

I’m only seeing these errors when reaching the end of a thread, if I click to the main page I will see the (presumably) correct counts.

I am using Chrome on Android.

Edit to add a couple examples…

Here all five suggestions show “new”, however there are only two new threads, the other three are unread:

Here you can see there are two unread threads, however the new post count is not showing:


Sorry about that, some bugs in our switch to Ember 1.7. Should be fixed now!


Are you also responsible for the DIY site too? Because I’ve noticed a couple minor bugs over there too.


The DIY site would be @NickP, you can still report the DIY bugs here for him though.


Thanks, looks to be back to normal.