Dissatisfied with 100%FOOD


I’ve been on the waitlist for Soylent for quite some time, so in the meantime I decided to try some alternatives. The two products I tried were 100%FOOD and Joylent.

Joylent is a delicious delight. It’s a lightly flavoured, smooth, thin liquid. 100%FOOD on the other hand tastes and feels super disgusting.

100%FOOD smells pretty much like plain flour, and it tastes worse. It’s so thick it’s impossible to drink like a normal liquid. The only way I could get it down was by mixing it in an elaborate smoothie with fruit and yogurt to disguise the taste and texture.

So, to me at least, 100%FOOD is inedible crap. I strongly advise against buying it. I am out a regretful amount of money on this horrible powder I can’t stomach. Don’t make the same mistake I did.


Just about everything you wrote is flawed and unfair… There are plenty of people who like 100% food for what it is. It’s not trying to be Soylent, it’s a liquid based nutrition alternative. It’s SUPPOSED to be chewed… For what it’s worth, if your trying to “Help” people by giving them insight on the product your review just makes you sound ignorant and inflammatory.


It’s too thick to drink, but it’s also too liquid to chew. At best, you could eat it with a spoon like really watery oatmeal. Most people do not enjoy that.


so does your opinion apply to all flavors? I’m not trying to be rude but your providing a lot of subjective opinion and providing very little objective information to go with it. He has a line of products that I suspect range in taste/texture/etc.

Did you contact him with concerns on the off chance you got a bad batch?

Have you ever had Kambucha? A lot of people think it’s disgusting and some people love it, neither of them are wrong. I would just ask that in fairness you clearly explain your experience. You can provide a subjective review of a product while still being concise and fair in your language choice… but thats a choice I guess.


You seem to miss the difference between “I don’t like” and “it is bad.”


leave it to the engineer to put it so succinctly :wink:


All of the bottled 100%FOOD varieties have the same texture as far as I know. In the mix pack, there are three flavours: raw (or organic), chocolate, and spicy. Chocolate is the only one I used. Raw had an even more pungent and objectionable taste than chocolate. Spicy is just an insane flavour for this kind of thing, in my opinion, and I would never have intentionally ordered it. 100%FOOD is not transparent about the fact that 1/3 of your bottles are going to be the “spicy” flavour. Customer support was unrepentant about it. The word “spicy” only appears twice on their website (Google “site:spacenutrientsstation.com spicy”). Once in a blog post from June 2014, and once on the page for a completely different product line, 100%SNACK. Even the photo advertising the mix pack on their menu page does not display the spicy flavour. I consider this false advertising, whether intentional or not.

I ordered in January and they sent me a shipment of bottles all labelled “Best Before December 2014”. When I contacted them, they said this was simply a labeling error. I saw a Reddit post of others saying they noticed the same message printed on the labels and received the same response from customer support. It may be an order that is past its best before date, which might help explain how awful the experience of consuming it is, but if so they’re not admitting it and I have no way to prove otherwise.


thats all good and relevant info, I appreciate you sharing that because it might help inform other potential buyers of some of the issues… @Spaceman also use to be an active member on the site here and would address/response concerns so perhaps that might still happen.


I feel confident that a majority of people would also find this stuff gross. Obviously some people keep like it because people keep buying it and they are still in business, but I just can’t imagine most people would like a product somewhere between the consistency of a smoothie and oatmeal that tastes like flour.


I don’t see a problem with the OP.


How do you know? All you know is you don’t enjoy that.


I have a double protein choco subscription, and initially tried the regular raw. For the raw, I liked it, one coworker didn’t like it at all, and another coworker thought it was great. On the chocolate, everyone I’ve had try it [10+ at this point] have enjoyed it.

Regarding the date on the bottles, the included papers in the box explained that and I haven’t reason to doubt they mix batches fresh as they’re ordered and shipped. On the consistency, have you tried adding a little more water? If using the supplied bottles I find I need to top it off after the initial shake and then remain vigilant with shakes to keep it from gelling up in the bottom. I typically use a blender bottle instead with a little more than 16oz water and the gelling issues are no more. I just swirl it up before swigs.

I’m glad joylent agrees with you, perhaps stick with that. Thanks also for your opinions on 100%FOOD. Keep in mind some of us may have a different perspective on what we like. My perspective on what I could do every day changed quite a bit after months of people chow. Learning to like that masa grit… haha.

Edited to add that I also still have a monthly soylent sub and I still like that very much. I simply prefer 100%FOOD [both varieties I’ve tried]. Soylent’s good, just very bland so I need to flavor it.


I know that most people don’t enjoy that.


I emptied a bottle of the chocolate into my Magic Bullet (mini-blender) and filled up the rest and with water, then mixed. Unfortunately it’s not just the texture but also the taste, so the only way I can do it is by mixing it up into a smoothie that overpowers both.


I appreciate your comments but I want to add some encouragement to anybody who is willing to try 100%Food. For me, it has been a great substitute while I wait for Soylent. I’ve lost weight, I’m not hungry, I have lots of energy, and my skin looks healthier. I personally don’t mind the chocolate taste at all.

I was in such bad shape I could not wait for Soylent. I was yo-yo-ing between 360 and 380 lbs. I was eating burgers every other day and some kind of typical processed food every single meal.

For me, 100%Food has made my dream a reality.

I plan to use both permanently and I have never been happier. I hope you get Soylent soon. I love every soylunteer and thank everyone for helping me change my life because I was easily on my way to some kind of heart attack.

The coolest part is when people say, “Hey, have you lost weight?” It has only been 3 weeks and I’ve been exercising.


I thin% one is entitled to guess what most people prefer. Isn’t that a game show theme?


No, I’m sorry you don’t. You can not possibly know what more than 50% of the people on earth like. Your not psychic. You’ve fallen prey to the logical fallacy that everyone likes the same things you do. As I said before all you know for sure is you don’t like it.


People guess how elections will go and how the stock market is going to go. Capitalism is based on guessing what people will want.


Guessing and knowing are two different things. The OP is taking his guess as fact and is believing in false logic.


Well, you just said I’m not entitled to guess. Now you say I’m not entitled to claim that I know, which of course I agree with.