Distinct differences, from box to box, of 1.5

So, I subscribed as soon as Soylent came to Canada and, as such, got a fairly early batch of 1.5.
It’s comprised of the lion’s share of my diet since.

However, one thing that I’ve noticed is that, week-box to week-box, the contents are surprisingly different.

Week one was perfect, in my opinion. Perfect balance of salty and sweet. Plenty of body without being overwhelming.

Week two was dense. Very heavy. Very grainy. Kinda salty. Separated constantly. Kinda slimy. Still kept me quite satiated.

Week three was WATERY. NO flavour to speak of. Colour was closer to white than beige. Just did NOT leave me feeling full. Couldn’t even finish the box. Switched to a new week’s portion.

Week four was somewhere between weeks one and two. Tastes good. Filling. Still some separation. Still some slime. A hell of a step up from week three, though.

However, all that said, it’s still all labeled with the production number L5133-15-052015, with the exception of week one, which I don’t have record of.

Is anyone else finding this kind of discrepancy? 1.5 was my first foray; is this common of the various iterations? It certainly explains why people seem to have such a panned critical review of the 1.5 flavour profile.

Just how homogenous IS Soylent?


I should mention: I’ve been using the same mixing technique for each batch.
Whole bag, into the provided mixer bottle, filled with water from the same filter, to the same fill point.
Bags scoured to a consistent level of powder-retrieval; I leave very little behind.

I’ve kept variables to a fairly nil level. Particularly considering the subjective nature of the subject.


I’ve noticed a very small difference in flavor, but not much in consistency through my first and second shipment. Between boxes in the same shipment I haven’t noticed much of a difference. Could just be a one off with fairly early batch, or maybe my tolerance to differences is higher and I just haven’t noticed it?

Coincidence, I live in Montreal, Canada, just received my second shipment of 2 boxes and the mix is quite different from the first 2 I got.

This second batch is a more watery and lighter colored.
The fist was thicker and chalkier kinda, and felt heavier after a full glass.
Now, it’s closer to a glass of milk.

For me, I prefer that batch compared to the one I had, so it’s a win for me.

Both bath are :
L5133 - Exp 05/16

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I’m sorry to hear about the experience you are having. If you could PM me with pictures of the bags you received I would love to look into the issue.

I’ve experienced the same thing! (Canada also)

I haven’t been tracking it week by week, nor do I keep the bags (so I have no record), but I definitely notice differences in texture and taste. The bag I’m on right now is extra thick and considerably grittier than previous ones (I don’t mind so much - it makes me feel fuller), but I’ve had batches smoother and more milk like, and batches that separate completely, while others don’t separate at all.

The differences in taste and texture don’t bother me so much as the thought that each bag might not contain what it’s supposed to. How do I know if my bag is nutritionally complete if it has a different powder composition than others? (Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to lose weight at a 500-calorie deficiency? Maybe one week’s batches contain higher quantities of the calorie-dense ingredients, so I’m taking in more than I think I am? 500 calories does seem like a bit of a stretch, though. Then again, I’m not a food scientist. I don’t know how these things work.)

I feel like I’ve experienced the same thing with changes in texture and especially sweetness. I do add maple extract and always chalked up the difference in sweetness due to accidentally adding different amounts of maple extract, but the texture has been everything from watery to grainy. I live in the US. I’m not sure it’s actually a problem on their end, though, as I’m sure I add different amounts of water to the pitcher. It’s nothing I’m too worried about.

I’m not sure. I make mine exactly the same way every time, and it seems to turn out differently week-to-week, or even day-to-day.

It’s not enough of a concern for me to stop ordering, anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe these differences between bag to bag are good? This way people wont get bored of it easily? :smile:


I’ve noticed that some batches separate and others don’t, but the taste and texture has been pretty consistent for me. I’m in Canada too, but I’m pretty sure our stuff is being manufactured in the US and only stored in Canada for distribution, so a lot of US customers should be seeing differences too?


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Down in south USA here, I personally get no noticeable difference between bags of Soylent.

I tend to mix it on the thick side of things, but it always the same.

Oats from one farm will taste different from oats from another farm. Heck, oats from the same field and same seed stock will taste different from oats from another one. That’s true with any food.

It’s just more noticeable with soylent, since it’s such a neutral flavor and nothing to cover it up.


Has their been any official response to this question?

I just started a new box (L5133 - same batch number as OP I think?) and I immediately noticed a difference. This is the first time it’s tasted any different than before. Not only is it thinner (that I can stand), but the taste itself is off, tastes very bitter specifically. It’s really hard to drink. I don’t think it’s “spoiled” per se, but I’m left wondering if there’s something wrong with my batch.

If it’s just down to the flavour, then I can choke it down, but I don’t want to drink it if there is something wrong with it.

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I tasted phroek’s soylent, and noticed a definite sharp oat flavour. It was incredibly bitter, as he mentioned. Do you know if this is normal? It is definitely a departure from the usual flavours I am used to with Soylent.

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My last box was extremely pleasantly creamy and had very little taste, I assumed the difference was a different water source since I had moved. However, this new box I just opened has a very strong smell, the mixed soylent is a significantly darker brown color, and has a much more powerful flavor. This box is also noticeably grittier than last. I’m almost tempted to try a bag from one of the other boxes and relegate this box to “emergency backup” since I wanted to establish one anyways.

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There have been two reported events which lead me to believe that Soylent is not milled to a uniform mesh. One is a report of the discovery of a piece of kraft paper in Soylent. Another reported grains of rice in Soylent.

If Rosa Labs does not perform the relatively simple task of milling Soylent to a uniform mesh, then it’s highly doubtful that they optimally mix Soylent to a random and uniform powder. That would require a very specific 37-step mixing regime. A suboptimal mix of Soylent’s constituent powders can result in segregation, with the resulting variation in taste and texture from lot to lot.

The kraft paper report was of paper found in a pitcher, as I recall. I can think of other reasons that paper could be found in a pitcher.

Do you think that your sales of the competing product you said you are planning to release would be helped by charges against Soylent?

Quite the opposite! I believe that, in general, the response to my critical posts on this forum has been indifference, at best.