Diverticulitis and Soylent

I have a friend who is having diverticulitis attacks every few months. They are very painful and she has been prescribed antibiotics, which lessen the pain but leave her weak, and it takes her some time to recover. She has always been very health conscious and in particular has plenty of fiber.

I introduced her to Soylent, and it has become part of her diet for the last month or so. She is now having an attack, and one of the first foods she plans to return to (not having had any food for a couple of days) is Soylent. She does add fiber.

My search for diverticulitis mentions on this site came up with only a few, so I thought I would start a topic if anyone wants to add to it.

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According to WebMD, treatment usually begins with antibiotics and a clear liquid diet to flush the system before going back to solid food, at which point you add fiber. It is probably important to complete the antibiotic prescription and stick to that diet plan.

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Thanks. She is on antibiotics as prescribed, as I meant to indicate, and has successfully dealt with three or four attacks. The question isn’t so much how to deal with attacks but how to deal with diverticulitis in general and whether Soylent is seen as good or bad with regard to diverticulitis. She seems to think it is good.

Based on what i read on webmd, Soylent could be better for her than solid food as it liquid. Easier for intestines to push it through.

You mentioned the antibiotics, but I meant making sure she completes the entire prescription. Some people tend to stop taking them when pain abates, but you’re supposed to take them all as ordered to fully kill the infection.


I’m not knowledgeable about diverticulitis, but I am a big proponent of completing the entire antibiotic regime as @AgentSpiff mentioned. That is definitely the first thing they should do regardless of how they feel about taking the pills. The Mayo Clinic agrees with us on that point regardless of the reason they were prescribed.

Great, that’s two enthusiastic votes for doing something that no one I know of disagrees with.


She is taking the entire prescription. Yes, all the pills. Every single one. I hope that settles the issue.

It definitely settles the issue of whether or not I should bother trying to be helpful to you in the future.

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I did thank you. The question was about the relationship between Soylent and Diverticulitis. Most of the replies I got so far had nothing to do with Soylent.

Also, the issue of taking the whole dosage of antibiotics is well known to me and to my friend.

Also, these days, the first thing someone writhing in pain from diverticulitis does is read the common web sources of advice. Multiple attacks often mean multiple readings. So passing on the advice from such sites is not necessarily helpful.

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As curmudgeonly as he states things, I concur. I found it humorous that the first two responders cited WebMD, and the third cited Mayo Clinic.

And that a Diverticulitis thread transformed into a “make sure you run the entire course of your antibiotics” thread.

(With that in mind, can’t wait to see what the next reply in this thread is. Wait for it… )


She should talk to a doctor.


We know from the first post that she had been to a doctor and was prescribed medication that she didn’t like. In response to what we knew I think recommending that she finish the antibiotic regime was a reasonable, and possibly the best response. I don’t think responding to the original post of a thread rather than just the title is breaking forum etiquette.

The question was about the relationship between Soylent and Diverticulitis

There isn’t a single question mark in this thread as of this post…

??? … until now.

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She has talked to a doctor. Honestly, what I am hoping for from this thread is comment from someone who has diverticulitis. It seems to be quite common. Soylent seems to be a logical food to consume for sufferers.

It puzzles me that there aren’t more diverticulitis sufferers here. With the aging of the baby boomers, I expect diverticulitis to become even more common.

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geneven, to be more specific to what i said before…there is no study or medical advice that says whether soylent is good or bad. But if i have to take an educated guess…its good. Not only because its liquid, but also because of what it helps to avoid. I hope she is on 1.5 though (the most easily digested version?) Although i dont d’litis i hope this comment helps.

Yes, I thought your comment was helpful and on-topic. My friend is still consuming some Soylent during her recovery and seems to be doing well.

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I second that vote, she should definitely go to a doctor. All in favor of doctor, say “aye.”


Ahem. Moving on, it is difficult to infer how much potential benefit may come from Soylent to diverticulitis sufferers because, all myths aside, you don’t poop Soylent. If it didn’t prove beneficial I would try a week-long diet of one cup of heavy cream and a scoop of protein powder per day, diluted to taste. Consume mostly lipids and a bit of protein with a huge caloric deficit so your body produces little waste, and take some laxatives in between to flush your system out. The less food you make available to bacteria, the better the antibiotics can work against the infection.


I will forward that suggestion to my friend.