Dividing Soylent into smaller portions


So after about 2 months of Soylent and losing 30 pounds (which I am very happy with) my weight loss has slowed and come to a complete halt (granted I’m not exercising). However I am thinking of rationing my portions to only consuming 1500 calories instead of 2000 this should help kickstart my weight loss again and get me back on a track towards my goal. I am wondering if anyone currently divides their soylent into smaller portions already and what methods they use. Do you use volume or weight and do you have any suggestions as far as the oil part of Soylent goes.

To be clear, I intend on consuming the same amount of liquids just putting less powered in there so I would still be making 2 liters of Soylent every day just at a thinner consistency than before.


I would suggest dividing Soylent by weight because volume depends heavily on how much you pack the powder. The oil is about 2 fl. oz. so 75% of that is 1.5 fl. oz. CVS has a measuring glass that will make it much easier to portion it out.

Just out of curiosity what was your starting weight and how tall are you?


My starting weight was 276 I am currently 246 and I am 5’ 11".


I was eating 1500 calories for a while. All I did was continue to mix Soylent the exact same way (1.6L of water to a pouch). Then I would pour 500ml in a blender bottle and add some extra water.

The benefit of doing it this way is you don’t need to measure out 3/4 of a pouch and deal with 1/4 left over to be mixed with 1/2 of the next pouch.

If you stick with the 1500cal/day you’ll end up getting 35 days out of a 28 day order.


I was also thinking about doing 1500 calories a day to lose some weight and couldn’t decide between mixing a full day’s worth or doing the math and trying to only mix what I’ll eat. What did you do with the leftover? If you drink it the next day and still mix the next day’s mix, did you just not end up having to mix a new batch that 4th day? (day 1 - have about 500 calories left, Day 2 - eat that 500 so then have 1,000 calories left, Day 3 - eat that 1,000 so then have 1,500 calories left). Am I off in my thinking? Also, is it still “good” the next day?


It’s still good the next day. Once mixed, it should be good for at least two days, if refrigerated. I don’t go through exactly a pitcher a day all the time and it’s fine the next day–you may want to have an extra pitcher so you can have your next day’s mixed while finishing off the first pitcher.

(I have four Frigoverre pitchers, so that when I’ve used all of them and associated blender bottles/glasses, I can run the dishwasher for water-usage efficiency.)


At the end of the day, for example, if I had 500ml left over I would just pour that into a blender bottle to have the next morning and mix a new pitcher.


Ok, so you did the method I worked out, with not needing to mix a new batch every 4th day?


Pouring what’s left into a blender bottle (or a large glass, covering it with a plate or something) works too!


suggestions as far as the oil part of Soylent goes

I use a flashlight or other backlight to confirm pours.

If you’re looking to dispense 1/4 out of 3 bottles to start, maybe you want the remaining oil level at the ‘i’ in “Oil Blend” on a 1.0 bottle. Gauge it by transferring to an empty 4th bottle?

I’ve found that emptying a 1.0 bottle 'til it’s horizontally level dispenses 2/3.
3/4 might be just past the ‘d’ in “Oil Blend”. Maybe eyeball the angle a bit past horizontal.


I have not lost any weight since starting Soylent a month ago, but I would like to lose 40 pounds. So, I’ve thought about trying 1700 calories a day. I am 5-8, 200 lbs. But I am curious, since each package of Soylent is meant to provide a days worth of vitamins and nutrients are any of you supplementing with vitamins/minerals?


It’s actually a lot easier than that of you have measuring spoons. There are 4 tablespoons of oil in the bottle. Divided into three portions is 4 teaspoons or a tablespoon + a teaspoon


@livingparadox (or anyone else,) I’ve seen a lot of your posts/replies on the board here; what are people who are consuming less than one bag of Soylent per day doing to supplement the lost vitamins/minerals?


That’s because I’m always on the forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

But to answer your question, the idea is that your vitamin/mineral needs should scale with your calorie needs. The RDA percentages are an average of sorts, and based on the diet of someone who needs 2000 calories a day. So I’d say not to worry about it unless you’re noticing deficiency symptoms or unusually strong cravings.


Got it thanks :smile:


If you notice on nutrition labels it always says something to the effect of “percents are based on a 2000 calorie a day diet”


At the end of the week, the bottle’s going to be empty whether you measure accurately or not. Every transfer to another container means you lose some oil and I don’t have a dishwasher so one less oily item to wash is less soap and water used. It means I can spare the time to reply to this post, for instance!


I suppose. I just give my spoon a quick water rinse, and it works fine for me. But YMMV.


Congrats, Garrettm, that’s great progress!

But I’d strongly recommend adding some exercise before you reduce calories - and if the loss has only stalled recently, you may want to wait it out to see if you’re still losing, just at a lower rate. Sadly, you cannot expect to continue losing 15 pounds per month for long, no matter what you do.

The exercise need not be strenuous - pick your favorite podcasts, and go on a brisk 30 minute walk every day. With a good podcast, the time flies.

The exercise will promote weight loss in a number of ways:

  1. Improve blood circulation, especially to fatty areas which are not highly vascularized. It’s very hard for you body to mobilize the fatty acids from tissues that are being squeeze or pinched off as you sit on them.
  2. Improve your insulin sensitivity by using the leg muscles and cardiovascular system.
  3. Improve your hormonal mix, making it easier for your body to burn energy (and fat).
  4. Improve your hormonal mix, making it easier for your body to sleep (which it also needs to do to improve fat burning.)
  5. Oh, and the walking will also burn calories.

The further you get below the weight range your body got used to, the more your body will resist losing further weight. If you don’t exercise at all, and keep ratcheting down the calories, you’ll effectively be training your body to become super-efficient with calories, and you’ll have to eat less and less and less to make any progress… but even a little exercise can go a long way to counter this effect.

Some people who study in this area (like Bryan Haycock) strongly advocate ramping up the exercise before ramping down the calories - their subjects get much better results that way.


This is really valuable advice my doctor told me the same thing about calories and also recommended the brisk walking however I have no time to excercise as of right now and probably for the next couple months. I am taking 22 credits in college right now as well as working a full-time job. I don’t even have enough time to do all my homework. If I was to reduce my calories despite yours and my doctors advice how long do you think I could do it for before my body recognizes it as a new normal.