Division One Athlete- Swimmer

Can I drink about 2500 calories a day from soylent during the day for breakfast and lunch? Nutritionally is that a good idea? (As a D1 Swimmer)

I don’t see why not. What are you planning to do for dinner? I would just try it and see how it feels.


…I eat usually a Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Shake with two bananas, spinach, and lettuce with chocolate almond milk which equates to about 2000 calories

As long as you aren’t having bowel/gas issues from Soylent to begin with you should be OK. Some people get that as a starting-up adjustment until their bodies get used to it.
(This is a training consideration and as a swimmer, will being a bit gassy, if that happens, mess you up?)

It’s food, it’s just liquid and a bit of a different physical profile. Some people have to add fiber in another form. You should check the nutrient profile and make sure you’re not going to end up overdoing some of the micro-nutrients, because Soylent is designed to provide 100 percent at a particular caloric target.

Have you or anyone (coach, etc) developed macros for you to follow? You should have a certain calorie and protein goal for the day. If you go over on carbs and fat, then to hit your protein number (and not end up under), you’re going to go over on calories for the day. Or if you hit your calorie number, you’re going to be way under on protein for the day.

Protein (and carbs and fat) are going to be important to you if you’re competing at that level, so you can’t consume less than you need. You’ll have to figure out what kinds of foods you’ll need to eat to hit your daily macro targets. My guess is Soylent will probably not have enough protein for your macro needs.

If you don’t have macros, here’s an example of a site where you can make them. It’ll end up looking like daily #calories, #grams protein, #grams carbs, #grams fat.

You plug the macros into the MyFitnessPal app on your phone, and then enter all the food you eat, every bite, all day, every day, into the app, so you’ll know how much more of what type of food to eat by the time the day ends.

Buy a food scale like this one for under $15, and use it to measure all the food you eat at home.

Going to use salad dressing on your salad? Weigh the dressing bottle before you use it, hit the “tare” button to zero out the scale, pour dressing on your salad, then put the dressing bottle back on the scale, and it’ll tell you exactly how much dressing you just consumed (in grams), to enter into MyFitnessPal.

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