DIY "addiction"

14 months after my first DIY experiment and going strong (save time abroad) I’ve decided to spend at least one month grok chow/soylent free; August came around and it seemed like good a month as any. The idea is I’m trying to eat well (read: healthful), seeing how it feels, regaining perspective, etc, etc. I started only lasting 3 days!!! Really though I should have one way or another gotten rid of what I have because lazy me just wanted to throw powder in the water and be done with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Despite a few days of reaching for the easy meal though it’s going along pretty well. In a lot of ways I miss my grok chow but in just as many I’m enjoying the rekindling of my complicated relationship with food. I feel great actually, no real perceivable difference from the DIY really (but again, I am eating well, lots of kale chips :)) and once I’m actually in the flow of cooking, it’s a lot of fun. At least this is how I feel after two weeks, things may change…

HBU? Anyone else ‘experiment’ with real food after a lot of time on DIY? Were you able to keep it healthy?


I’m addicted to my DIY. Not because of convenience - mine is based on fresh vegetable juice, so it’s only a little less work than cooking. For me, it’s because of the way it makes me feel. I’ve been depressed and listless for years, it gives me lots of energy. It reminds me of how I felt when I started taking Prozac twenty years ago. I never thought I’d feel like this.

It’s only been a few weeks for me. Since I’m experimenting, I sometimes run out of ingredients and switch to regular food for a few days. As a thirty-year vegan, my regular diet is pretty good, but I quickly lose the energy I feel on my diy. Then I can’t wait for my shipment of ModCarb and protein (pea-rice-hemp) to arrive.

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Hi, my name is Ken, and I’m a soylentholic…

I still use the “old” food somewhat regularly, but can rarely go a day without at least some kind of soylent fix, and I haven’t even tried to give it up as you have. I’m so far gone into this world of DIY soylent that I… I’ve even twisted the Soylent that was meant to break me free of this DIY obsession into a freak hybrid of Soylent and soylent.

I. Just. Can’t. Stop.


LOL, thats great.

Someday they will have groups you can join.

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I love to cook, and eat…but after a few bites im not satisfied. ya my body prefers soylent over traditional food. and id say im addicted.

food and flavour is awesome in small portions tho.

I have another side experience - having fun with kids during vacation and having “kid’s” regular food - now I’m back to my 100%FOOD and happy as never before :sunny:

It happened again tonight. Half an hour after arriving home from mildly stressful travels, I found myself thinking: I have the ingredients, I could just make a batch. I’m sipping contentedly.

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I find it just makes me feel better overall. I can’t quite explain exactly how. I do find I am more aware (alert?) and have more stamina.

I find I am replacing more solid meal time with more Soylent time.I tend to look forward to Soylent more than solid food.