DIY based on diet shakes (Germany)

Hey folks,

I wonder if anyone tried to make a DIY Soylent based on a diet shake. I had the idea that this could be convenient because you don’t have to deal with the micronutritions much, since these are already added according to DGE (the German equivivalent to FDA) regulations. So, with 100 to 200g of these you should be fine.
Of course you would have to fill up till you reach your calories level, but this is a rather easy task.
One more advantage: You could easily change the flavour by just changing the powder.
Costs in the end would result about 5€/day. Not dirt cheap, but also not excessive.

Thanks for your ideas.

Not a diet shake exactly, but I know there are DIY recipes that use various combined vitamin/mineral/protein powders as a starting point.

I don’t know if maybe the diet shakes in Germany are different in this regard, but the ones I’ve seen here(in Canada) don’t have much protein to them, so you’d have to add protein which tends to be one of the most expensive ingredients. Because of this, it’s usually more economical to start with a multi-vitamin protein shake rather than a diet shake. The diet shakes are mostly just vitamins and sugar.

Hi Willie, would you mind sharing some specifics? Links, products, prices… gimme everything. I’m always open to new ideas and tinkering with my DIY.