DIY: chloride content? (PlantFusion protein)


Greetings. I based my recipe on QuidNYC’s Superfood, but thought I would be clever and replaced the whey protein isolate with PlantFusion, which is a complete protein blend from plant sources. (The thought of getting my protein from cows pumped full of BGH and antibiotics is less than appealing.)

However now that it’s arrived I realize that it has way more sodium (390mg per 30g scoop). “No big deal,” I thought, “I’ll just dial down the sea salt.”

Sure enough dropping the sea salt to ZERO grams comes out about right, but low and behold the chloride content has dropped to almost nil.

When I was entering PlantFusion as a new ingredient I only input what I see on the label, which makes no mention of chloride. I went and checked the label on my sea salt, and it’s not listed there either.

Is it likely that PlantFusion has some chloride content?


Your best bet would be to email the product manufacturer and ask for a complete nutrient breakdown.


If it turns out that they are actually missing the chloride, you could replace some or all of your potassium citrate with potassium chloride.


Probably out does have some, but it is just not on the label.

Like kennufs said, you can use potassium chloride instead of potassium citrate.

I’d be interested in how it tastes once you make some. I tried varying QuidNYC’s Superfood with soy protein instead of whey. Tastes… weird. Not sure how to say. I also added cayenne. I’ll try leaving that out and see what it’s like.