DIY Critique - People Chow in Canada!


Hey guys,

Looking to try out my first DIY recipe going off of the People Chow and catering it to my intake, and what we get here in Canada. Also, the prices aren’t 100% accurate for the local stuff as I still have to check them out!

Let me know if you think I should change/substitute anything.
For my caloric intake I’m 6’0 180lbs. Most sites told me ~2100cal, 260g carb, 70g fat, and 110g protein.

Awaiting your opinions!




Are you going to consume soylent, alone? If so your calories look low. Here’s an excellent site for a BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Daily Calorie Calculator.

Input your info – height, weight, age, activity level – and you will get a very good idea of your daily calorie intake. I hope this is helpful to you. I’ll let more knowledgeable people address your recipe. All the best to you!


This is so cool! I had been spending more time than I can afford (I’m writing an accounting final on the 28th) trying to line up suppliers for some of the stuff and attempting to do the nutrients entries with not much success.

I think this will be an excellent frame for my “Waiting for Soylent” mixture. I’m going to be either upping the quantities or adding extra food to get to 2000 calories (to maintain my weight setpoint preparatory to gradual weight loss) but that’s a spreadsheet thing. I’m not price sensitive so not looking at that. One of the things I concluded is that I will probably be better off getting the bulky stuff locally because I live in a city with several good health / bulk food outlets. I’ll even give my favourite herbalist the first crack at the Choline and Potassium but it’s good to know that I can order that.

I’m not that concerned about absolute nutrition from this because it’s just a stopgap until Soylent Team gets their international (specifically Canadian) shipments going. Also I plan to have occasional meals of muggle food. I live over a Sobeys Urban grocery store so getting an apple or carrot is easy.

I just wish I had more time in the next two weeks to go about town with my shopping list. Working and studying for exams is mostly why I’m interested in this Soylent thing in the first place. :slight_smile: That and a lack of interest in food for its own sake.



Thanks for posting this Defcon. I slightly modified your recipe and ordered the ingredients. I’ve been trying to hold off going the diy route but all these delays for the official Soylent are starting to frustrate me. If I knew it was going to be this long I would have done diy long ago and at this point I dont trust them to get Soylent out by the end of March.


I was at the superstore last night and had no luck finding the masa or the flaxseed. I thought the masa would be in with the other flours but I did not see it. Any idea of where those would be?

Here’s my modified version of your recipe.

I cut down the carbs and upped the protein. Im 230 right now but I want to cut back down to 210 to get my 6 pack back, can barely see my upper abs right now.


I thought the same thing you did, but it’s in with the Mexican food. Should be 4.99 for the 4.4lb bag.
Also, the flaxseeds can be interchanged for whatever you want. They all have essentially the same nutritional value, I just enjoy supporting local farmers.
Also is your name Wes as well? That’s just surprising haha.
Your recipe looks good other than that.


Thanks defcon, will check out the mexican section next time I’m at the grocery store. So is your full name Wesley or Weston? Mines Wesley, not a very common name.


Wesley :). And this is true. You’re now the 4th I’ve ever met haha.

My ingredients should all be here early next week, so I’ll make an update/walkthrough type deal when I make my first batch.


The flaxseed is sometimes in the pharmacy area as well, with the supplements.


I use cold ground flax seed from Sam’s Club, which you can find in the nutrition section by the multivitamins, usually.

But you can also get flax and chia seeds in the supermarket - check the baking isle, near the whole wheat flours. Shoppers has a whole mini section of Bob’s Red Mill. It’s a little bit expensive, but convenient.

I just bought (and then immediately used) a bag of oat flour that makes a full weeks soylent for me for (i think) about $4. A bit more expensive then I would buy otherwise, but I needed supplies.


I tried again to get some masa today. Found out that no grocery store in my area carry corn flour anymore. I talked to some employees at the Superstore and Walmart and they both used to stock it but not anymore. Found some yellow corn flour at Bulk Barn and bought that. I did find the flax meal, it was in the organic food section. I just made some up, minus the potassium citrate and choline bitartrate which havent arrived yet. I also used some arnold whey that I bought a few weeks ago on sale.

It tasted great, I would call it vanilla nut. Texture was very sandy and gritty but it did not bother me one bit.