~~~ DIY Fails ~~~


I’ve started experimenting with some DIY recipes.

Here are a couple that didn’t work out…

Cleanup on Aisle 3

This grey, lumpy slurry will give you a sense of deja vu, as it looks and tastes like something you’ve already eaten once before. The acidity of the orange juice provides the extra bit of authenticity that other formulas lack!

Pitcher o’ Diabetes

My first attempt at a recipe containing maltodextrin.

I decided to try tapioca maltodextrin, as it is supposedly higher quality and contains slightly slower-burning carbs than other maltodextrins.

I’ve seen other recipes made with 100g or more of the stuff (including the official Soylent 1.0.) I wanted a more conservative amount, and I figured 47g sounded about right.

After making my first batch, I only drank 6-8 ounces of it. Within two minutes, I was experiencing the largest, most drastic energy surge I had ever felt. I was suddenly completely wired, physically and mentally, to a degree that was scary. I had to immediately start running in place, and doing jumping jacks and push-ups, in order to burn off the excess energy. It was like I had taken a drug.

I tried another small amount (maybe six ounces) the next morning, and had a similar effect.

It’s good to get some quick energy, but not quite that much! I think I’ll try cutting down the malto to 10g or so. For now, I’ve been adding a few ounces of this stuff to 8-10 ounces of a malto-free recipe, and that seems to work out alright.


Could you add some information on what exactly didn’t work out with them?


Done. (Copied from the recipe notes.)


On the Pitcher o’ Diabetes - I think the problem isn’t an excess of maltodextrin, it’s a lack of available fiber, especially soluble. It looks like most of your fiber comes from pills or from whole chia seeds… chia seed fiber is not available unless you chew it all thoroughly, after which it takes time to absorb water and expand, and the fiber in the pill take a while to dissolve and become available, too. Until then, all you have is the (too small) amount of fiber in the masa.

And are you mixing the oil in the drink, or taking that separately? If there’s low fat and low fiber, any fairly simple carbs would be taken up quickly from a liquid drink - be the starch, sugar, or something in between (like maltodextrin). The oil and the fiber slow down the absorption, but only if they’re in the mix when it hits your stomach.


Interesting… thanks for the info, that’s very useful!

The oil is mixed into the drink. For the chia seeds, would it help if I let the mixture sit overnight so they have time to absorb some liquid?


I lol’d at your recipe names… nice!


I haven’t used them myself and don’t know, but based on what I read online, I suspect even a short soak will help - I see references online to soaking chia seeds for 15 minutes in cold water to “gel” them. You may only need a short soak to improve the effect - and the fiber is, then, available quite quickly if you chew them up.

From Chia Seed Recipes - Chia Gel:

In a bowl, add the seeds to the liquid, and whisk them in with a fork or whisk.
After a few minutes you will need to whisk the gel again to make sure seeds
don’t clump together in the bottom of your bowl. Leave to stand for 10 to 15 minutes.
This enables the seeds to absorb the liquid. Two tablespoons of chia seeds to one cup of liquid makes a very thick gel.

You might try playing with a tablespoon or two of extra chia seeds to see for yourself, but if a cup of water is made into a thick gel, then the soluble fiber is definitely getting out into the water.