DIY - feeding the underprivileged


Hi all I am new to Soylent and DIY etc all. I am a food scientist and love this stuff - great way to improve the process of eating food. So I have taken inspiration from this community and decided to create a product that will be natural and sustainable. Using the food to feed people where its really needed. Happy to take any comments on what you think would be the right approach to building up a network. The goal is to build a network, raise money and then use that money to reach people where food is needed most.


Hello Sara. My name is Jason. I am immensely involved with homeless outreach and am in the process of developing an outlet to meet similar needs as you. Might you be interested in sharing a little of your vision for ministry with me (offline) sometime in the near future?


Er, well, first things first… What is your product going to be, exactly?

I don’t think anyone can really answer your question until you answer that question.

My other question is, do you think you have an advantage by doing this independently versus partnering with Rosa Labs or one of the commercial DIY producers? Based on Rosa Lab’s experience, this isn’t exactly something you can just up-and-do at any real scale.

With the current information, I would actually recommend that you just share your vision here and see if you can leverage the current community (assuming you intend to provide a soylent-like substance).


@limitlessj sure definitely. I’ll reach out.

@livingparadox that is very interesting. I am still testing the exact product and its value proposition but the goal would be to eventually post here and get feedback.

I like your idea of partnering with Rosa Labs or another DIY. I do not know much about that, how can I find out more?


I can’t really say much more than I’ve said already. I can’t give you any advice until I know what you’re trying to do.


@Sara, I’m one of the “commercial DIY producers” that @livingparadox was alluding to. Feel free to contact me on my site:


@Sara - at Powdered Foods Marketplace we made a similar attempt to feed Mangyan kids.
We raised funds for ingredients and produced 100%FOOD, you may read of results here:

If you’re willing to present your product on Marketplace for such purposes - let me know how can I help you.