DIY for the experimental, lazy, newbie

The customizations on my Soylent are getting so extensive, I’m nearly heading into DIY territory as it is. And I figure, if I’m going to put so much effort into preparation, I might as well go full DIY and skip out on the extras in official like sucralose and vanillin.

I’m not fully committed to the idea, though. Because I’m lazy and don’t want to go through all the hassle…

If I were to go to the DIY-side? What would be a good recipe to start with, given that I intend on tweaking the values of individual nutrients on a regular (every week or other week) basis? I’d like to not have to reformulate every time I want to change something.

Edit: Additional Goals

For a base recipe, I’d prefer to do a recipe that keeps the values as close to 100% as possible. Part of what I want to experiment with is to see which of the nutrients I need more than 100% of. So having 300-1000% of half the vitamins is not really in line with my goals/philosophy.

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Tagging @axcho because I know he’s gained a lot of experience doing lots of customized versions.


Thank you! I forgot to tag him myself. >.> I was actually considering utilizing his services so I can slowly wade in DIY.

I’m at a similar point myself. I’m going to be placing an order in the next few weeks for one week each of four different formulations *. I know that Marion Chow works for me, but I don’t want just chocolate all the time. My goal is to settle down to 1-3 formulations that I’m happy with. If I make any mods, I know I can generate a variation on and @axcho can make it. Because all of the recipes I’m considering are fully open source, then I can make the decision whether to continue buying directly from @axcho or make them myself (will probably be some combination based on my workload).

* For what it’s worth, I’m leaning toward Ax Fuel (diy), Spencer Fuel (diy), Phil Fuel (diy), and Justin Fuel (diy); and I’m seriously debating Schmoylent Clean (diy).


Hi livingparadox,

I am going to suggest you take a look at Crude Food 1.1.
It is low on carbs, total calories, and potassium because I normally add frozen fruit to the mix, but these are all easy fixes by increasing the amount of potassium citrate and carbs to bring things up to 100%. This gives a fairly neutral bland taste and might work well for you as an experimental base. Carbs seem to change the flavor more than most proteins or oils and there is room in this recipe to add additional carbs as desired.

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Also, since I failed to mention this before… Has anybody made a recipe that keeps the %s close to 100%? For my own purposes, I’d like to avoid having ridiculously high values of the nutrients, regardless of their safety.

I get the feeling that I’ll either have to figure out how to get that baseline on my own, or see if I can get Soylent’s micronutrient blend by itself.

I want to second this request. Would love to hear if anyone has a good multivitamin to use. The Mega Men’s are very high on the B vitamins which may be safe, but still, being at 200 or 300 % because of concerns about bio availability is one thing, but 2000 or 3000% seems excessive. I only use them because they have no iron which I don’t want excess amounts of and I get more than enough from my carb sources.

So between 100 and 200% of everything (with good bio available forms) and no Iron, please.

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That’s the exact range I was hoping for myself actually.

As far as micronutrients, most multivitamins do go over the bare minimum (100%) especially in B vitamins, but the one I use in my recipes is not as extreme as GNC Mega Men Sport. It comes in capsule form, too, which is convenient because you can open them up and just pour the powder in directly:

Depending on how lazy you are feeling, you might try this extremely simple recipe I came up with, just to get a feel for it:

You might consider it a gateway drug into the world of DIY… :wink:


While not /quite/ what I want, that does look like my best choice short of getting Soylent vitamins.

I think I can live with high B vitamins until I find a better solution. This still gives me the freedom to explore the rest of the vitamins.

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Wow, I didn’t realize that a near-complete DIY could be so simple.

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axcho, thanks for the link to the multi-vitamin. I like it. I also get a kick out of your recipe.


I’ve been D.I.Y.'ing my own version of the ‘Schmoylent’ recipe, and if you’re up for more than ten ingredients in your soylent then I would recommend starting with ‘Schmoylent’. Lots of powdered citrates and bitartrates mean pin-point accuracy.

If you’re looking for precision, there are a few problem areas I’ve come across with ‘Schmoylent’. The multivitamin @axcho mentioned above is all over the board as far as DRI’s go, but it’s the one I use until a better option shows up.

Also the canola oil isn’t a perfect fit for me as far as omega-6 is concerned. But your mileage may vary.

Third, the oat flour has given me a little trouble. As my main source of carbs, my mixes tend to be overly heavy in iron, manganese, and molybdenum, which is worrisome. I’ve been playing around with an oatless variant of the recipe, replacing one type of flour with two others. It eases the problem considerably, at the cost of complexity. I also can’t vouch for the flavor yet. :slight_smile:

A full-fledged recipe may sound like extra work, but the simple recipes won’t give you control. It’s a bit of an uphill battle, but if you want to D.I.Y., I think you should dive headlong into it.


Not perfect, but the closest I’ve seen off the shelf for a multivitamin. If I didn’t have an aversion to taking pills I think this would be at the top of my list.


Which one is this? It looks even better than the one axcho linked.

Sorry, it’s not very obvious that the photo is the link, if you click it you’ll get sent to an Amazon page for the One-A-Day Women’s Multivitamin.

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Here are a few others that look promising. They are capsules, so you could empty them into your mix if you prefer.

No iron in this first one though…


Thank you sir… I shall investigate all of these…

Keep in mind to that the RDA for iron in men is only 8mg, while it is 18mg for women. I’m not aware of the extra being an issue as the UL is 40mg, but if you are trying for only 100% of RDA you will be over your goal with some of these.


Dang, good finds. I’ve been looking into alternatives for my vitamin supplement, and I may try ‘Nature-Made Multi For Him’ in the future. It is missing a few minerals, but half of the lacking nutrients are filled to excess with my oat flour and rice protein (iron, phosphorus, sulfur), and most of the rest I already have stocked in powdered form (choline, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium chloride). All that’s left to worry about is biotin… pesky, pesky biotin…

Also here’s a thread on complete vitamins and such.

Oh, and has anyone looked into custom vitamin supplements? I found a site today called Metabolic Maintenance that mixes you a unique vitamin blend depending on a lab profile you send them. I think I’ll stick to tablets for the moment, but this sounds like a near-perfect solution to the 100% supplement problem.