DIY for the ultimate bodybuilder


So I just saw Furious 7 starring Dwayne Johnson, then I saw this piece describing his diet, so I had to make a recipe for him.

Here it is.

Anyone wanna try it? :smile:

Soylent vs. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson's diet

I have gotten pretty close. I actually drank this for a while gained quite a bit of weight. See also v9 which I drank for a while as well. My current recipe removes the use of mega man in favor of another supplement thanks to @axcho


You forgot the powdered cod! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nix the soybean oil. No bodybuilder wants to ingest soybean products, as they have an adverse endocrine effect. Use Vega oil instead. Also, swap out the iodized salt for himalayan pink rock salt.


Himalayan pink rock salt sounds magical. Does it have some quality that iodized salt doesn’t?




Himalayan pink rock salt is only iodized by mother nature…
(0,1mg Iod per kg)


It’s supposed to have the entire periodic table of elements (even iodide) in it and is therefore more healthy for you. IMO it’s pseudoscience in action.


This is only a myth. A few labs has checked it an found around 8 different elements in most of the cases.
But it sounds amazing in the comercial ads.


Still hasn’t been treated by high heat. Heat tends to change things.


“Heat tends to change things” is true, but I do not know if it is relevant here. I am assuming you mean undesired changes, but you do not say what changes you are worried about so we are left guessing.