DIY, hunger and tiredness

  • 49 years old
  • male
  • software engineer
  • mild to moderate exercise
  • not overweight, I’m in shape…round is a shape right?
  • sleep apnea
  • gurd
  • always hungry
  • always tired
  • meat and potatoes, no veggies please

Been on DIY {PCP} for almost a week now, replacing 1-2 meals a day

Find the DIY keeps me full until…I’m not…No I’m getting hungry. It’s just no hunger straight to gimme something to eat.

If I push through and drink more DIY, it taps into this reserve of energy I didn’t know I had. Last night I came home tired and had the DIY for dinner. Went to lie down to rest but before I knew it, I was up cleaning the house…A straight 3-4 hour burst of clean energy.

Now if I don’t push through or choose to eat solid food like I just did for lunch, I get exhausted and need toothpicks for my eyelids within 30 mins of eating…And I’m not talking about junk food.

Looking forward to see how this plays out


I was feeling hungry with DIY soylent for a day or so until I figured out the method: just keep it near you and sip it occasionally, rather than eating it all at once like a meal. I’ve been on soylent for about 2 meals a day for a couple weeks now, and I’m never hungry. I set myself up with my bottle of soylent, and a pint glass of water. When I’m hungry I take one sip of soylent and set it aside. When I’m thirsty I drink water. Now my breakfast soylent usually is not finished until about 11:30, and then when I’m hungry again I’ll grab my lunch soylent and sip it throughout the afternoon. Works like a charm. What’s more, eating small amounts throughout the day is better for your metabolism and energy levels anyway. Win-win!