DIY Ingredients (Caution)


For those experimenting with DIY recipes, please be attentive to the ingredients previously saved to the site.

I have noticed discrepancies with the nutrient content listed for some of the ingredients and what is actually provided for the product it links to, some products not having any nutritional information to be found anywhere on the internet (rare, but it happened), and, as far as one particular case goes, the wrong multivitamin was linked on an ingredient. It was the same brand and almost the same type, but it was a slightly different version, and consequently, the nutrient content was different. This would noticeably change the the daily intake for any recipe the ingredient was used it, partly because there are a lot of values that varied between the two, but also because both had nutrients which were not included in the other vitamin.

The task we are all attempting, replacing our food supply, or, in the very least, a portion of it, with a concoction which is still, despite some peoples’ opinion, rests in a grey area in regards to health and safety. Therefore, we should all be taking the proper measures to insure mistakes are not made that could cause harm to ourselves or others, or in the very least misrepresent any potential data that we, or you, are trying to gather.

Yet, overall, the main concern here is every individual user’s safety. So, please, be thorough and double check everything. At least until a better system for filtering through things like this gets implemented.

Have a Great New Year, and Happy Soylent’ing Everyone. :smile:

David Riniari


Yeah, I agree. That website is a nice idea and a worthy effort, but it shouldn’t be trusted yet as a reliable tool. Even when it IS right, I would want to confirm all the numbers myself anyway.


Agreed – I won’t rely on any ingredient information already entered on the site. I will enter everything myself to make sure it is correct, preferably starting with nutritional data from the USDA database wherever possible.


On a side note, be sure to double check prices for ingredients. I’ve rarely found any so far that are still accurate when going to purchase, not to mention shipping isn’t going to be included there, which normally doesn’t matter as most people try to get their ingredients from Amazon, who tend to provide free shipping and handling.

In any case, it is a minor detail, as most people will find this out when they go to order anything, but, it would be good for anyone trying to run the numbers for recipes.

Happy Soylent’ing,
David Riniari