DIY micronutrients


A problem I have had with DIY is that micro-nutrients often go WAY over when using a multivitamin, some 200-500% of the recommendations. This may not necessarily cause health issues (though it might, im not sure in all cases), but it does seem to have a surprisingly significant effect on taste and texture, and reducing the total amount of excess micro nutrients in my DIY would be nice. I recognize that you would either have to be mad or have to have access to some pretty exact measuring tools to try to measure out all the micro-nutrients one by one, especially those that are measured in micrograms. But could I instead figure out the ratio of all the micronutrients (say, making whichever nutrient I need the least of 1g of a mix) and create a micronutrient mix, and simply disperse that larger mix in smaller amounts over my DIY? would settlement be a serious issue, or could i just give it a good shake before adding to the macronutrient mix?


You might want to give my MetaMilk recipe a try. I wanted my DIY to actually taste good, not just tolerable, so I moved a lot of the micro into pill form and made a shake out of dry milk, Muscle Milk, whey protein, carb gainer and fiber powder.

As for going over the RDA’s, I wouldn’t worry about it as long as you keep them below the upper limits (if applicable). Those limits are far, far below the LOAE (the lowest dose at which any kind of damage has been observed).