DIY Mixing Strategy


So I discovered a revolutionary (to me) ingredient mixing tactic and it made me realize how inefficiently I was doing it all this time and also that other DIYers probably have pretty good and probably better setups. How do you mix: softgels, hard tablets, capsules, powders & oils?

For the interested, my old system:
-Take apart capsules by hand and put contents in bowl
-Crush each tablet into bowl
-Mix in powdered minerals
-Mix together with powdered macro nutrients
-Daily: mix a day of powder with oil and liquids, take softgels separately

My new system:
-Put all capsules, tablets & softgels into food processor with ~2g oil per day being made (this keeps powder from poofing into the air), blend thoroughly
-Add powdered minerals and another ~2g oil per day, blend (food process?) more
-Mix with powdered macro nutrients

It’s faster and doesn’t require the softgels to be taken separately, big improvement but there might be better?


I would tend toward micros that are already powdered or in liquid form, but that is not always possible or economical.


I just swallow them separately with my breakfast shake Paranoid that if I do all that crushing and mixing I will end up spilling my daily allowance of vitamin K or something. Plus I’ve seen people on here complain about the taste of them so better to get it done and then have a nice shake rather than bitter taste in the background all the time.